Patriots Trading Randy Moss To The Vikings?

Are the Patriots about to deal their best receiver to the Minnesota Vikings? That's the rumor hitting the wire via Twitter-verse. Here's what' we've heard so far. (Updated 10/6 9:03 am) MOSS TRADED, It's Official

The Twitter world has exploded with rumors that New England Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss could be dealt to the Minnesota Vikings. There seems to be a building sentiment that there is more truth than fiction to the story.

Earlier this evening, ESPN writer Bill Simmons launched an accidental tweet that Randy Moss to the Vikings was a possibility. Simmons quickly backed out of the tweet claiming it was supposed to be a DM (Direct Message), but the cat was out of the bag.

Shortly after Simmons' tweet,'s Jay Glazer confirmed the news, that the two sides were discussing sending the former Viking back to Minnesota, but that the trade was contingent upon Moss receiving a new deal.

"Yes, vikes and pats have been working on trade that sends randy moss to vikes and r very clode but can't be done until vikes and moss work out new contract, whcih they r working on" Glazer wrote.


Trading Randy Moss is...?

-- A good idea - he's become distraction
-- Something they had to do
-- Crazy, they don't have a replacement
-- A sign the team is skimping on new deals

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Glazer was on WEEI Boston radio to discuss the news that the Vikings and the Patriots have been in deep discussions over a Randy Moss trade. Glazer said that this is not new and talks have been ongoing. Glazer reiterated that the deal is contingent upon Moss working out a contract extension with the Vikings.

The Boston Herald reported that the move to initiate a trade began in Week One, after Moss' agent asked the team to trade his client.

"After Week 1, Randy Moss had his agent Joel Segal call Bill Belichick and ask for a trade, The Herald's Karen Guregian has learned," The Herald's blogger Ian Rappaport wrote.

According to's Tim Yotter, Brett Favre was extremely upset when the Patriots acquired Moss in a trade from the Raiders before Green Bay could make a serious play for the talented wide out. Yotter reiterated the mutual admiration between Moss and Favre, citing the reports that Favre openly campaigned to bring Moss to Green Bay despite the Faux Moon Moss gave the Lambeaux faithful in 2004. Now that Favre is in Minesota, and is missing a top threat int eh passing game due to the injury to Sideny Rice, the campaign to add Moss could be back.

Bill Huber of, echoed Yotter's stance on the Favre campaign for Moss. Though Favre's eventual departure was more of a result of his own lack of committment to the Packers than lack of the Packers committment to acquire a weapon like Moss.

Both Huber and Yotter pointed to a story by Andrew Brandt, who was familir with the decisions being made by the Packers top brass. In a 2008 article, Bandt wrote that Moss and Favre almost became temmates (twice). In the article Brandt described the intense competition for Moss between Green Bay and New England. As part of the negotiating team in Green Bay, Brandt had first hand knowledge of the Patriots offer.

When the Patriots caved into the demands Moss' camps wanted (a one year deal), the Patriots had their man. The negotiation played out again in 2008, with the Pariots re-signing Moss to a three year deal -- the same one Moss is upset about now.

Update 11:15 pm

Gary Tanguay of reported that according to his sources, Moss and Belichick had words after the Jets game, and that there was friction between the two (my words not his).

"sources say Moss showed up unhappy today. He and BB had words. He is gone to Vikes if he and Minn workout a new deal." Tanguay wrote via Twitter.

Glazer was a guest with Tanguay and Michael Felger on the CSN Sports Tonight show, telling viewers that the deal was still possible, though could be consummated later if the Vikings can agree to a an extension with Moss.

It's worth noting, that the Patriots have denied reports of a trade. Then again, they didn't deny that trade talks were happening.

Update: 12:30am

Multiple reports from the Boston Herald, Adam Schefter (ESPN) and Jay Glazer (FOX Sports) indicate that a deal for Moss could happen as soon as Wednesday.

The Patriots are on a bye week. So getting a deal done now make sense for the team to smooth out the fallout of dealing arguably their best receiver.

If New England gave a fourth round pick to Oakland to obtain Moss on Draft day in 2007, what is he worth to the Vikings now? Minnesota was reportedly not willing to part ways with the compensation demands the Chargers had for talented, but disgruntled, wideout Vincent Jackson. Why would they pay more for Moss knowing that they need to pay him handsomely on what surely could be a multi-year deal? Some estimates peg a reasonable demand being in the $9 million/ year range.

UPDATE: 10/6 7:30am
Moss to Minnesota seems like a foregone conclusion at this time. Multiple outlets are reporting that Moss will go to the Vikings even without a new deal in place. In return for Moss, the Vikings will send their third round pick in next year's Draft to the Patriots.

New England acquired Moss from the Raiders in 2007 for a fourth round pick (used to select John Bowie). If the reported compensation is accurate, New Englnad will end up with 2 firsts, 2 seconds, 2 thirds and 2 fourths in next year's Draft. The first is from Oakland for Richard Seymour, the second is Carolina's, the third for Moss, and a fourth

UPDATE: 10/6 9:00 am

It's Official, Randy Moss has been traded to the Minnesota Vikings

More on this story as it becomes available. Stay tuned here and on our sister site for more on the Moss situation.

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