Scouting Report: Big Bodies For New England

The Patriots draft of offensive linemen was a bust this year, but that doesn't mean they're ready to stop Drafting them. NEPatriotsDraft's James Christensen takes a look at big bodies on both sides of the ball, the kind of players teams like New England fall in love with.

The Patriots have been looking at many of the premier offensive and defensive linemen during their scouting visits at the NCAA level.  While we don't have confirmation that the Patriots were at the Wisconsin vs Ohio State game last weekend, it would be naïve to believe that the tape hasn't made its way to New England.

Two of the better prospects were seen facing off against each other for the majority of the night. Badger LT Gabe Carimi and Buckeye DE Cam Heyward are both first-round caliber players that haven't seen this level of competition this year.

Carimi brings a mauling style to the field, and would be an ideal right tackle in the NFL.  His quick feet allow him to get to the 2nd level quickly after his he completes his initial block.

He tends to reach at times against speed rushers, and his balance will need to improve at the next level to prevent that.

If the Patriots see Sebastian Vollmer as the LT of the future, Carimi seems a logical choice to replace him at RT.

Cameron Heyward is a smart player with NFL bloodlines - his father Craig, or "Ironhead" played fullback for 11 years. He projects well as a 5-technique for a 3-4 defense. While at this point in his career he is closer to Jarvis Green than Richard Seymour, he does have the work-ethic and talent to continue improving.

The Heyward/Carimi matchup was a very interesting one to watch, with the overall battle going in favor of Carimi the majority of the time.

Heyward used his bull-rush almost exclusively against Carimi, which is the easiest move for him to neutralize due to his brute strength.  Heyward will need to diversify his pass-moves at the next level if he wants to create some pressure.

In the run game, Heyward was pretty stout. Carimi was able to move Heyward enough for John Clay and company to find some cracks, but he was certainly not driven off the ball.

Both players showed that they are worthy of the attention that they are receiving from NFL scouts and fans alike. Carimi faces a tough test this weekend against fellow 1st-round prospect Adrian Clayborn of Iowa, while Cameron Heyward's next big game will also come in Iowa City on November 20th.

James Christensen's scouting updates will appear here on throughout the year. James is the publisher of, an independent website dedicated to covering the NFL Draft and college prospects with professional potential.

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