Kraft Takes Note Of Fan Reaction

The specter of work stoppage in the NFL looms large. Fans don't want to hear about who is getting more of a multi-billion dollar pie in hard economic times like these. Patriots owner Robert Kraft understands this and spoke about the issue at a recent function in the Boston area.

NFL Labor unrest is still a hot topic in league circles, with the prospect of a lockout on the horizon and tough talks coming from the players union. The potential to get a deal done in time to salvage a 2011 season had been on the decline despite both sides claiming to be interested in reaching a new agreement.

Patriots' owner Robert Kraft has been an advocate of the fans pushing for a resolution sooner rather than later.

At the league meetings in Chicago earlier this month, Kraft and others sounded optimistic that a new deal could be reached.

"We're moving ahead," Kraft told the AP. "I'd like to see this get done before the season ends."

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, like Kraft, was focused on getting a new deal could be in place before drastic measures (locking out the players) were to take effect.

"Our issue is to get there sooner rather than later," Goodell told the AP.

NFLPA President Kevin Mawae concurred with Goodell's sentiment and that of others who represent the owner's interests. Mawae told the AP via email that he hoped to get a deal done soon, and perhaps by the Holidays.

Kraft was again asked about the state of negotiations at the Sports Legacy Institute's Impact Awards event honoring Roger Goodell in Boston last week. Again Kraft reiterated the need to reach a fair and expeditious agreement. This time, he emphasized the impact not reaching a deal could have on the fans and the backlash that would impact both owners and players.

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