Patriots - Browns: Game Balls & Goats

The Cleveland Browns steamrolled the Patriots Sunday 34-14. Who did well, who didn't? We hand out out Game Balls and Goats. Send us yours.


Jon Scott:

Danny WoodheadOther than one miscommunication with Tom Brady, Woodhead did well running the ball carrying it 9 times for 54. He also caught two passes for 38 yards.

Wes Welker props to Welker for his place-kicking more than his receiving. Came in to kick for an injured Stephen Gostkowski.

Peyton Hillis A huge game for the Browns running back. Hillis embarrassed the Patriots defense. Finished with 29 carries for 184 yards.

Honorable Mentions:
Aaron Hernandez, Jonathan Wilhite, Jerod Mayo

James Christensen:

Danny Woodhead – We're not sure if he is ever NOT going to be a gameball. One of the few bright spots on the offense today, Woodhead continues to be a nuisance for opposing defenses.

Jonathan Wilhite – Some decent coverage and tackling from the slot corner. Often picked on in the past, Wilhite was solid in coverage today.

Aaron Hernandez – "Ninja" finally gets on the board with two touchdowns. Hernandez looks to be the only vertical threat for Tom Brady right now.



Patriots run defense – 230 yards on the ground is beyond bad, it's embarrassing. Couldn't stop the Browns even when they knew Cleveland was going to run the ball.

Coaching – Lack of adjustments early doomed the team as they fell behind early. The team looked like they came out flat and never managed to get into a rhythm.

Rob Gronkowski Dropped passes, gave up a turnover at the goal line and he called fair catch only to not make an attempt on opening kickoff resulting in a turnover.

Dishonorable Mentions:
Brandon Tate, Patriots secondary


The Patriots' "Manhood" – When faced with stopping the Browns run-game in the 4th quarter to give the offensive the ball back, Peyton Hillis and the Browns offensive line beat up New England's defensive line for sport. Their was either a lack of talent or heart on the defensive side of the football field today.

The Patriots' Mental Discipline – Pre-snap penalties. Ridiculous turnovers. Blown plays. Dropped passes. Poor communication. This looked like a team that had been reading its own press clippings.

Rob Gronkowski – You are better than three drops, a holding penalty, and two turnovers.

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