New Look For The Patriots?

The New England Patriots are supposed to be getting a new look? At least that's the RUMOR hitting the street this morning. Nike is the new uniform supplier of the NFL in 2012. This design is reportedly one of the proposed changes, at least according to the rumor. What do you think? (Updated)

While viewing the Twitter world of NFL news this morning I ran across something interesting and disturbing at the same time. It was a story on the new designs for NFL uniforms done by Nike.

Nike's rumored new design for the Patriots uniform.
The story, posted on the Baltimore Ravens website blog this morning, lined up samples of the uniform mockup changes Nike is "rumored" to be presenting to the league. Nike will become the league's official uniform provider in 2012.

There have been some significant changes to uniforms around the NFL over the years, but nothing this bold has ever been rolled out league wide. Certainly the Cincinnati Bengals move to upgrade their tiger strip look was a good one, as was the Buccaneers decision to abandon the peach pirate look for the pewter pirate makeover -- just ask Warren Sapp. Those changes -- as many would agree -- took awful designs and laid them to rest.

The Patriots abandoned their old Minuteman style uniforms in 1993 when they "upgraded" the look to include a version featuring more Blue and White than Red and White. The Logo changed from the Minuteman to the new Flying Elvis style.

The uniform was again revamped more recently to the color scheme you see the Patriots wearing in the Bill Belichick era.

Nike revamped this look, along with the other 31 teams.

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For more uniforms, check out the story on the Baltimore Ravens site: Here

Update: No official word on whether this rumored uniform design is anything more than just a rumor/hoax. The NFL and Nike have yet to release a statement. When asked about the Patriots design this morning, Bill Belichick thought it looked like a Halloween Costume.

Hmmm... it kind of looks like one doesn't it?

Update 2:21pm: NFL confirms that the uniform is by an independent artist, and NOT done by NIKE or the NFL. NFL PR Spokesman Brian McCarthy made the statement minutes ago. "Just to clarify, the artist renderings of NFL uniforms floating around ARE NOT from the league or Nike. stand down," McCarthy said via Twitter.

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