Patriots - Colts: Game Balls & Goats

Peyton Manning had another big day against the Patriots although his third interception on the day ended any chance of a Colts comeback. Patriots win 31-28. Here are our Game Balls & Goats. Lets hear yours.


1) Tom Brady Brady managed to just enough to build a lead early in the game that the Patriots could nurse in the second half. 19/25 for 186 and 2 TDs, gave Brady some good numbers, but the final three-and-out really hurt. Still, a win is a win for Brady.

2) Danny WoodheadHow the Jets let this kid go still befuddles analysts. His 36-yard draw for a TD was a thing of beauty. Finished with 7 carries for 69 yards (9.9 avg.), 1TD and 4 receptions for 21 yards (catcheing every pass thrown his way.

3) James Sanders there's no way to give this to the secondary that gave up 396 yards through the air. But Sanders duped Peyton Manning on the throw that cost Manning a chance to win / tie the game. Sanders dropped back after showing coverage on the TE, to roam the middle between the TE and the WR. He ended up making a heack of a catch for the game winning INT.

Honorable Mentions:
Jermaine Cunningham, Brandon Meriweather, BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Deion Branch


1) Pass defense – Absolutely horrific. 396 yards after giving up 387 to Ben Roethlisberger. The Patriots pass defense needs to change or some of these games are going to be big losses if tom Brady can't bail them out.

2) Prevent Defense – The decision to go tot prevent defense almost cost the Patriots the game, much like last season when they blew a 31-14 lead. Better play-calling may have helped.

3) The Houston Texans defense – up by 4 late, the Texans gave up a huge play to allow the Jets a chance to win – which they did. Former Patriots S Eugene Wilson was in on the big play, but former Dolphins DB gave up the play.

Dishonorable Mentions:
Dropped passes – there were only a few, but they ruined an otherwise near-perfect day by Brady.

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