Brady The Only Choice For MVP

They said he couldn't win with a bunch of no name receivers. They said he would struggle against Chicago's mighty defense in the snow. They said Rex Ryan figured him out. Yet despite what they keep saying, Tom Brady keeps showing why he's one of a kind. And why the Patriots would be totally lost without him. Brady stands alone as the favorite for League MVP.

Michael Vick officially ended the NFL MVP debate with his poor performance against the Vikings last Tuesday night.

Although Vick has had a good season up until his three turnovers against Minnesota, it still pales in comparison to the record-breaking season of Tom Brady. And yet, there was still that anti-Brady slash Michael Vick love affair with players throughout the league. For the last couple weeks, the NFL's dimmest bulbs have been weighing in on this MVP debate.

Leading the charge of ridiculous endorsements is Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder when he said "Everybody knows it should be Michael Vick (for league MVP), but they're going to let Brady win it because it's Tom Brady. You've got to go with Vick. Vick's my dude."

Of course Brady is going to win it because he's Tom Brady. That's why he should win it. Brady IS the best quarterback in the league this season. He's far better than Vick. Brady's numbers dwarfed Vick's. Through fifteen games, Brady's 66.0 completion percentage was better than Vick's 62.6 mark through 12 games.

Prior to the season finale, Brady had 34 touchdown passes, 13 more than Vick with 21. Brady turned the ball over just five times (four interceptions and one lost fumble) as opposed to Vick's nine turnovers (six picks and three lost fumbles).

Brady's quarterback rating was a league best 109.8, while Vick carried a 100.2 rating. As a starter, Brady has a league-best 13-2 record, while Vick's record as a starter is 8-3. Brady also has thrown nearly 700 yards more than Vick with a total of 3,701 passing yards.

Not to mention Brady breaking two NFL records; including most consecutive passing attempts without an interception (319 and counting) and an eight game streak of at least two touchdown passes without an interception (8).

This does not seem to impress Broncos safety Renaldo Hill who said "(Vick's) really taken control of that team, and got those guys going. He's doing a good job of taking them to the next level." That's if the next level is from mediocre to average. Vick took such control that the Eagles blew a chance for the number two seed in the NFC and a first round bye.

Redskins linebacker London Fletcher has decided not to let the numbers get in the way of his decision. "I'm gonna go with Vick because of what he's been able to do," he said. "He gives them another dimension that no other team has at the quarterback position. He's throwing the football great with 20 touchdowns and minimal interceptions. He throws a great deep ball, and then when plays break down, he can just kill you running the football. "

Vick also has superstars like DeSean Jackson and LeSean McCoy to help his game, while Brady has made the Patriots the NFL's most dominant offense after losing Randy Moss and Wes Welker recovering from a major knee injury this season. He did it with rookie tight ends Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez and undrafted castoff running backs BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Danny Woodhead.

Redskins center Casey Rabach said "Tom Brady. He's pretty damn good and he doesn't have the talent around him that he's used to."

Finally, there's a voice of reason.

Tom Brady is the MVP. End of discussion!

Kevin Saleeba is a frequent contributor and columnist to Patriots Insider. A former beat writer for local media, Kevin has extensive knowledge of the team and experience covering the Patriots. Share your thoughts on this article, or send your questions to Kevin (here. )


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