Andrew Luck Q & A

Charlie Bernstein sat down with Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck and he discussed his future plans, how he's been able to be so successful and what he can do for an NFL team.

Charlie Bernstein: (On future plans)

Andrew Luck: I know the deadline is approaching at some point but I'm going to wait until after the game. I don't want it to be a distraction to the team or myself. I'll sit down with the family and figure out what to do.

CB: (On what it's like to receive so much notoriety)

AL: To be able to represent a university like Stanford on the football field for what the university stands for and to part of a winning football team that's opened some eyes and got some wins. It's great. I don't think there's a better locker room to be a part of. Great teammates, great coaching staff, I'm very excited about everything.

CB: (About overcoming the loss of Heisman finalist Toby Gerhart)

AL: The loss of Toby definitely weighed on players minds as well. During spring ball and during offseason conditioning guys really took it upon themselves to make up for the loss of such a great player and coaches did a great job of giving us schemes that we can be successful in and putting in a blueprint out there that we can win games with. We all bought in and defensive side of the ball really improved a lot and offensively we collectively improved and took it upon their shoulders to pick up the slack where Toby left off and that was the key to the success of it.

CB: (On being labeled as the best QB prospect ever)

AL: I feel very blessed when people say that about me. It's definitely an honor when someone's opinions are that high. I try not to put too much stock in it because if my head starts thinking like that I'll go to a bad place and let someone down, let myself down and let my family down.

CB: (When did you hone your release?)

AL: I started quarterback in fifth grade but I've been throwing the football with my dad since I can remember. I always loved just playing catch and I guess the release was honed over those years while playing in the yard and so forth.

CB: (What do you do best?)

AL: I've never been very good at saying what I do best. I'd like to think that I'm a decent teammate and I get the offense in a good position to score on each drive.

CB: (What about your athleticism?)

AL: In the offense that Coach Harbaugh teaches at Stanford he does stress that a quarterback has to be able to pick up a first down once or twice a game to keep the chains moving and it could be a little disheartening to a defense when a quarterback picks up a first down with his legs. I took that to heart when I first came into Stanford and I try to use my legs when I can. I don't know how athletic I am, I'm not that very athletic but I get by.

CB: (Comparisons to John Elway)

AL: Anytime the name John Elway is thrown around you're name is pretty great. I'm tickled to death when I get mentioned with him but I don't know who I would compare myself to. I try to emulate a lot of guys; Elway with his toughness and his release and his fourth-quarter drives; Peyton Manning with his execution of the game and Tom Brady. I don't know if I can be compared to those guys.

CB: (On being clutch)

AL: I think it's a testament to the guys in the locker room, their mental fortitude and strength in situations like that. We practice a lot of two-minute drills and end of game situations and obviously you can never really replicate them until you're in these situations. The confidence comes when you've succeeded in those situations in the past.

CB: (How helpful has Coach Harbaugh been?)

AL: He's an encyclopedia of quarterbacking knowledge. He's always there for a blurb or an anecdote about a situation he's been in whether its a specific play or a general football situation. He's been great for me.

CB: (Why did you choose Stanford?)

AL: It's a combination of factors. For one, it's a great school. If football doesn't work out you have an opportunity to succeed in the business world, everybody has an opportunity, maybe a better opportunity. Not to diminish any other universities. Number two, Coach Harbaugh. Being recruited by him, you could tell he was going to win no matter what. He's enthusiastic and wouldn't take no for an answer. I wanted to be part of a team coached by him. Number three, to meet some guys that were in my class that were being recruited as well and some of the guys already on the team. It was a locker room atmosphere that I wanted to be a part of.

CB: (Why should a team take you first overall?)

AL: I guess I'll let my film speak for itself. If the film's good enough, I guess I deserve it, if not then I don't.

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