Patriots - Jets: Game Balls & Goats

Our staffers hand out their patented Game Balls and Goat awards for Sunday's game. While the Patriots earned their fair share of awards for poor performance, so did one Jet in particular.

Jets-Patriots Game balls goats


Jon Scott:

Vince Wilfork – For me, the guy in the middle was key. As he was throughout the season. Wilfork managed to help contain the Jets ground game, while still finding ways to help collapse the pocket with just a three man rush. He led the Patriots in solo tackles (5.0).

Wes Welker – Though he was benched for his midweek comments, Welker was the only Patriot to publicly defend the team in the press, and he did it in a very unique way. Welker also led the team in receptions despite being benched for the first drive.

Alge Crumpler – His TD saving tackle after Brady's interception made the difference in the game. The Jets missed the ensuing field goal and the Patriots weren't blown out in the first half like they were last year. Crumpler almost received a goat for his drop of a TD later on.

Honorable Mentions:
Julian Edelman, Devin McCourty, Shayne Graham

James Christensen:

Vince Wilfork - Big Vince played hard the entire game, limiting the Jets in their running game when he was run at. Unfortunately, even Vince isn't big enough to play all three positions on the line.

Julian Edelman - Edelman had the most explosive plays of the game for the Patriots in limited action.

Shanye Graham - Solid on two field goals, and really, who else deserves it?


Jon Scott:

Coaching –
the team's game plan differed from their in season success. End-arounds, and trick plays at inopportune times cost New England. The Jets executed their game plan well even with backups, New England couldn't.

Turnovers – the Patriots lead the league in positive turnover differential (+28) throughout the year. They lost that battle on Sunday and it cost them the game.

Bart Scott -- 2 tackles, TWO. And Bart Scott feels the need to run his mouth before and after the game. It's guys like that who give New York a bad name. Next time Scott should focus on his play on the field than his comments off of it.

Dishonorable Mentions:
NY Papers for making me feel like I need a shower after reading through their so-called coverage Yes, I'm talking to you NY Post and you Daily News those headlines were ridiculous.

James Christensen:

Alge Crumpler - It's a tough call here, as Alge made an important tackle on David Harris' interception and caught a TD pass. That said, his dropped TD pass absolutely changed the face of the game early on. Add to it his missed block that crushed Tom Brady, and you don't have a very good game.

Wide Receivers - I know the Jets have some good corners, but the receivers had a very difficult time getting open in their intermediate routes. When they were able to get some separation, the hands just weren't there.

Patrick Chung - A great play-call by Bill Belichick on the fake punt, which would have went for 20+ yards, was nullified by some shaky hands by Chung. Might have been a 14-point swing, with the Jets scoring a TD shortly after.

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