What's Next For Moss?

It appears that Randy Moss will be looking for yet another team to call his own in 2011. After a disasterous 2010 season, Moss would like nothing better than to return to the land of good fortune, and catch passes from Tom Brady. But is that in the cards?

Randy Moss Needs A New Home

People thought the Patriots were crazy for letting Randy Moss out of New England for a future Draft pick from the Minnesota Vikings.  After wearing out his welcome in Foxboro, Moss was sent packing to the Minnesota Vikings in Week 5.  It was the big breakup of Brady to Moss, but one that appeared unavoidable at the time.

Instead of the glorious reunion with the team that Drafted him, Moss’s return to the twin cities was fraught with being underutilized and turning in disappointing performances. Moss eventually ended up on the losing end of a power struggle with then head coach Brad Childress in Minnesota. After listening to the former Vikings’ star player criticism, Childress opted to release Moss.  Unfortunately for Childress, he mishandled the situation and soon followed Moss out the door.

Yet the talent Moss possessed was enough to entice the Tennessee Titans to acquire the controversial star. After a forgettable season that saw Vince Young get benched and the Titans offense implode, it appears the former Patriots/Vikings wonder kid was unwelcome back in Nashville also.

So where might Moss land?

If Moss had his way, it appears he’d prefer to return to Foxboro to be reunited with the Patriots.

Robert Kraft chats with Moss at Gillette Stadium during the receiver's return to Foxboro after being traded. (AP Photo)
   "If you're asking me where my heart and where I'm happy is, I love playing with Tom Brady. I love being coached by Bill Belichick," Moss told KFAN 1130-AM in Minneapolis recently.

   After catching 13 passes for 139 yards and three touchdowns in the first four games in New England last fall - and after a rambling opening-day press conference in which he discussed his contract and impending free agency - Moss was traded to the Vikings for a third-round pick. He spent just four games in his second tour in Minnesota - the final game of the stint a loss at New England after which Moss emotionally proclaimed his love for his former team and coach -- before he was released and then claimed by the Titans.

   For the 2010 season, the 34-year-old Moss finished with 28 catches for 393 yards and five touchdowns. Open to returning to both the Patriots or the Vikings, and throwing in a couple other teams in the Browns and Seahawks, Moss just wants to be wanted.

   "Wherever it is, I just want somebody to respect what I do," Moss said. "The loyalty that I believe in, man, I think that teams that I play for ... I just like loyalty, and I want that around me. Whoever wants me, that's where I'm going to play at."

   And what about the fact that it's only been five months since New England shipped him out of town? Moss has a simple answer.

   "And people say, 'Well, Moss, you got traded to Minnesota from New England!' Well, I just told y'all this is a business, man," Moss said, returning to one of his favorite answers. "People have to understand the nature of the business. It's not just a sport. The sport comes along with the business. If you really don't think it's a business, then why they sitting there, fighting over $9 billion?"

Though Moss may not return to Foxboro, he will have one thing headed into 2011, the single-season touchdown reception record (23) having bested Hall of Fame WR Jerry Rice during the Patriots’ historic 2007 season.  Moss also holds the team’s single-season record for most TDs in a season (23), receiving yards (1,493) and single-game touchdown receptions (4).

Wherever Moss ends up, one thing is certain, he’ll bring a history of record-setting performances combine with an experienced outlook on the business side of the game.

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