NFL Mock Draft Muncher Update

As the NFL Draft approaches, prospects are seeing their stock rise or fall based upon a number of factors, from heath to performance numbers, even rumors have an impact. Check any Mock Draft out there and you can see how far a prospect has risen or fallen since the last time that site tried to predict what should happen on Draft day.

Mock Muncher Update

Instead of checking out the dozens, or even hundreds,  of Mock Drafts out there, we’ve gone and crammed them all together into one place for your reading pleasure – The Mock Draft Muncher.

If you’ve seen the Muncher on Scout in years past, then you know how cool this unique tool is.  You know you can see trends in Draft picks, check their rise or fall over time, see where players are projected and get a great feel for what is happening in the world of Mock Drafts.

If you haven’t seen the Muncher, then now’s your chance to check out one of the coolest tools on the web.  It’s a one stop spot for all reputable Mock Drafts to get aggregated with their peers to form one consensus snapshot of what the web world thinks will happen on Draft day.

 The Muncher is updated on a semi-regular basis to reflect the trends of what those Mocks are predicting.  After a major update, the Muncher could conceivable show big movement by one or more players in either direction. 

In the latest update of the Muncher (April 7) Cam Newton has climbed a couple spots to the top of the NFL Draft from his usual top 5 location.  But Newton isn’t the big story of the Muncher, it’s the ripple effect Newton’s move had on the teams in the Top 10. 

One of the biggest risers on the boards is Tyron Smith who only a month ago was a late first round pick., projected by many Mocks to go to at the very end of Round 1 or to fall completely out of the round.   Now Smith is projected to a Top 10 position. 

Current Top 10 in the Muncher (click to see the rest)

 Mock Draft Muncher Top 10

 1.     Cam Newton , QB (Auburn)
 2.     Marcell Dareus , DL (Alabama)
 3.     Von Miller , LB (Texas A&M)
 4.     A.J. Green , WR (Georgia)
 5.     Blaine Gabbert , QB (Missouri)
 6.     Robert Quinn , DL (North Carolina)
 7.     Patrick Peterson , DB (LSU)
 8.     Nick Fairley , DL (Auburn)
 9.     Tyron Smith , OL (USC)
 10.     Julio Jones , WR (Alabama)

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