The Fire Burns Deep Within Brady

Love him or hate him, you have to admire the passion that burns deep within Patriots QB Tom Brady. During a Draft series focused on quarterbacks, ESPN captured Brady's thoughts as he recalled his Draft day experience.

Certainly a guy like Tom Brady has it all:  Successful career, Super Bowl MVP trophies in his home,  tons of money in his bank account, a Super model wife millions of men would die for and a pair of sons to teach the game of football to down the road. Yet, as evidenced in a look back at his Draft day experience, Brady is still not at peace.  Not even close.

A thoughtful, even emotional Brady recalled the sting of being passed over time and again, round-after-round during an ESPN segment entitled Year of the Quarterback.  The sting of being passed over was so unbearable he had to leave his house to escape the mounting pressure of not hearing his name called.  Brady recalled how his slide down Draft boards during 2000 Draft, hurt.

“It was just a tough day, ya know,” Brady said as he choked back his emotions. “My mom and dad were there, and they were just so supportive.”
Brady’s father recalled how Tom was so upset he left the house after the start of the sixth round (four rounds after they thought Tom might be taken), still without hearing his name called.

Brady should have been upset. He held a share of the National championship which he won as a backup to Brian Griese at Michigan.  He piloted Michigan to two bowl game victories when he became the team’s starter, with wins over Arkansas in the Citris Bowl and Alabama in the Orange Bowl. The names coming off the board were less accomplished.  They certainly couldn’t have been better than this California kid.

Aside of Chad Pennington - who was selected in the first round -- the rest of the quarterbacks taken ahead of Brady weren’t exactly big names.  Most had little to no success at the next level.  The 49ers took Giovanni Carmazzi in the third round (65th overall).  Chris Redman went to Baltimore later that round (75th overall).  Tee Martin went in the fifth and Marc Bulger in the sixth.  Still Brady didn’t hear his name called.

Perhaps the ultimate insult was when the Browns, a team desperately in need of a quarterback, opted to take little known Spergon Wynn  from Southwest Texas State over the Big Ten player.  Next came Brady’s turn, and the relief was evident as he recounted how he felt at the time.

“Finally when the Patriots called, I was so excited,” Brady managed. “I didn’t have to be an insurance salesman.  My family was all there and we were so excited.  Thank God I got picked [there].”

And the rest, as they say, is history.

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