Rumor Mill: Patriots Looking To Trade Up?

The New England Patriots are looking to make a move on Drat Day. But instead of moving down as some many have speculated, the Patriots are reportedly trying to trade up. Who's there and what t do they have to give up to get there?

According to an NFL source, the New England Patriots are looking to make a move in the first round of the NFL Draft   With six picks in the top 100, New England is armed and dangerous when it comes to having the ammunition to make a serious move up (or down) in the first round   According to the source, the Patriots are interested in moving up for a player they deem worthy of consideration above their first pick (17th overall), and that player is California DE, Cameron Jordan   Their potential trade partners include the Cowboys, Vikings and potentially one other team .

Contrary to some reports, New England apparently has multiple trade targets considering their offer   New England is offering their  1st round pick (17th overall) a 2nd round pick (60th overall) for the Cowboys 1st round pick (9th overall)   The Patriots are also willing to part with their other 1st round pick (28th overall) and 2nd round pick (33rd overall)

If a deal cannot be brokered with Dallas, the Patriots are looking to make a similar deal with the Minnesota Vikings who hold the 12th overall pick

One wildcard comes with the board sorting itself out among defenders   Teams in need of defensive impact players may not be willing to let New England jump up to go get their guy  

Other names on the board being considered by teams in the top 10-15 include; J.J. Watt, Nick Failey, Da'Quan Bowers and Robert Quinn. If Dallas opts to keep their pick, the Patriots are working to make a deal with other teams.

Jordan offers the prototypical size and speed (6-4, 287) needed to be an impact player for teams in need of a pass rusher The Patriots managed just 36 sacks last year, (Tied for 14th in the league).

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