Scouting Report: Cowboys Have Talented D

Bill Belichick knows a thing or two about great players on defense. Which is why when he compared one cowboy defender to the great "LT" no one blinked an eye. Scouting report on Cowboys including news, notes and injury updates.

Belichick: Ware has some similarities to LT

    New England coach Bill Belichick said LB DeMarcus Ware compares favorably to Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor, whom he coached with the Giants in 1980s.

    "I mean Lawrence Taylor, you're talking about a pretty high level there," Belichick said. "Ware does all the things that ... I mean, he's the best player we've faced this year. He does all of the things you want him to do. He's strong against the run. He can rush the passer. He's great in pursuit. He's got power. He's got speed. He's got good technique. He's good in pass coverage. He gets a lot of depth. I mean, he's an asset to your pass coverage, if you want to drop him.

   "I'd say all those same things about Lawrence Taylor. Lawrence had a tremendous career. Ware has had a great -- what is it? -- six years or whatever it's been. He's been great in that time and looks like he's still going strong. I'm sure he'll be able to continue at this level for quite a while longer here as far as what it looks like right now. He's a guy you've got to account for on every snap. You've got to know where he is and he could definitely disrupt any play if you don't handle him."

DeMarcus Ware at Candlestick Park on Sept 18, 2011 in San Francisco (Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
   Ware has 85 sacks, 25 forced fumbles, three touchdowns and one interception in his first 100 games.

   Taylor had 84 sacks in his first 101 games.

Costly Turnovers The Talk Of The Day
  --QB Tony Romo stated the obvious Thursday when he said the Cowboys need to cut down on their turnovers. Romo has cost the Cowboys two games with five turnovers in the second half of games against the Jets and Lions. Of course, Romo and the Cowboys took care of the ball in two comeback wins against the Redskins and 49ers.
   "You never want that to happen," Romo said. "We were also fortunate to have all the things go right against Washington and against San Francisco. For every game that's the other way, there's another one the other side. Everyone is good in this league. You have to minimize turnovers in key situations. We did that for two of the games and two of the games we didn't. That's really what it comes down to."

   --The Patriots are on an amazing streak, scoring 30 or more points in the last 13 games. The streak started after a 34-14 loss to the Cleveland Browns in 2010. The Browns defensive coordinator then is the Cowboys defensive coordinator now, Rob Ryan.

   Cowboys coach Jason Garrett however tried to downplay the significance of the Cowboys focusing on a lot of last year's game tape for this Sunday's game.

   "2011 is different than 2010," Garrett said. "The makeup of their team is different. The makeup of the Cowboys team is different than the Browns team in 2010. We watch a lot of tape. The New England Patriots are awfully good on offense. They have been for a number of years. They have a great offensive system.

   "They have a great quarterback. They have a number of weapons they can get the ball too in the run game and the passing game. Their offensive line is outstanding. So there aren't many tapes you turn where they are not having success throughout a game. So we will look at them, study them like we do any opponent. We will do our best to try to corral them, stop them. It really is as good as it is in the NFL."

   BY THE NUMBERS: 85 -- Sacks for LB DeMarcus Ware in his first 100 games. Giants Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor had 84 in his first 101.

   QUOTE TO NOTE: "I think that's been going on for about 10 years. They've just done a great job, and it's easy to see why. Certainly it starts with Coach Belichick and the program that he's put together, and how he's been able to maintain such a consistent program. They win every year and they're really good every year, and they have really good players. We all know that, but the way they do things is the right way. Certainly a franchise to be emulated.
   "Anytime you have a franchise like that in your league, you're foolish not to look at what they're doing and how they're doing it." -- Cowboys coach Jason Garrett on teams trying to emulate the Patriots and their success.

   --S Danny McCray returned to practice Wednesday and will play as expected against the Patriots on Sunday. He had been bothered by a sprained ankle.
   --C Phil Costa doesn't seem too impressed with Patriots Pro Bowl DT Vince Wilfork. A fan offered him good luck against Wilfork on Sunday, calling him a mountain.
   Costa responded on twitter with: "appreciate it...of course Im ready. he's more like a speed bump than a mtn...#cowboys are ready to roll!"
    --WR Dez Bryant and WR Miles Austin practiced fully on Wednesday for the first time since before the season opener. Bryant had been hobbled by a deep thigh bruise forcing him to miss a game and Austin missed two games with a hamstring injury. Both will be needed to make big plays against the Patriots defense that ranks 32nd in the league against the pass.
   --LB DeMarcus Ware is already seeing the benefits of defensive coordinator Rob Ryan's unpredictable scheme. He is not just lined up on the right side, as he lines up on the left and over the nose on rushes, resulting in him being single blocked more than any time since his rookie season. Ware has five sacks this season.

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