Trouble In Jerry's World

Sometimes things that come out of Jerry's mouth are things he'd like to take back. Looks like he's done it again right after his Cowboys lost to the Patriots.

Jones regrets criticizing Garrett's play-calling
Sports Xchange, October 19, 2011

   Cowboys owner Jerry Jones openly questioned his head coach in the locker room Sunday following Dallas' 20-16 loss to the Patriots.
   Now Jones wishes he hadn't said anything at all.

   Jones went on the retreat Tuesday, using his local radio show to support Jason Garrett and express regret for opening his mouth to reporters and criticizing his coach for being too conservative.

   "I would say that probably if I had that to do over again, I wouldn't comment, period," Jones said. "I wouldn't even answer a question about it. I was asked the questions, and you can always say, 'No comment.'

   "But I did (comment), and I was real clear that this was a flip of the coin. That's what Jason frankly is paid to do, is make those decisions, and there's no one that I'd rather have make the decisions regarding our football team right now on an offensive play-call."
   Jones said he remains firmly behind Garrett.

   "There's absolutely no issue that I have with Jason Garrett's play-calling. I want to get that real clear," Jones said.

   For his part, Garrett put the issue to rest Monday when he said he had no problem with Jones' comments.

   "Anybody who has ever had the good fortune of working for Jerry Jones understands that he wants to win," Garrett said. "He's very passionate about it. I've had that experience as a player, as an assistant coach and now as a head coach. Like I said, anybody who has been around him understands how much he cares about winning, and that's one of the things we love about working for this organization. He's very passionate about the game, and he's very emotional about the game."

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