AFC East: Jets Revis Has An Off Day

The New York Jets had an off day against the Bills on Sunday, but they still came away with the win. So what did Darrelle Revis think?

   Superstar cornerback Darrelle Revis had a very unusul game Sunday.

   Buffalo wideout Stevie Johnson had eight receptions against Revis in the Jets' 28-24 victory. Johnson also had three catches against him in the earlier meeting between the teams, including a 52-yarder that could have gone for a touchdown if safety Brodney Pool hadn't tackled Johnson after Revis whiffed on him.

   Johnson had only 75 yards receiving Sunday, a number that comforted both Revis and coach Rex Ryan, both of whom pointed to the fact Johnson caught a lot of short passes.

   "It was a lot of underneath throws," Revis said Monday. "He caught 5-, 7-, 10-yard catches. In our defense, we can live with that. We move on. The one thing we really focus on is getting beat deep. That's the thing."

   Well, the touchdown still counted, even though it was an underneath pass. And a deeper slant that Johnson got free on, but dropped the ball around the 25, would have gone for a big gain and perhaps a game-winning touchdown in the waning seconds.

   "Brett Favre threw interceptions before," Revis said. "You've got to look at it as you're not going to have a perfect game all the time. You're not going to have your best game all the time. I've had horrible games in the past. You've got to live with the good ones, and you've got to live with the bad ones. Looking at the film, was it that bad? No, it wasn't."

   Revis is right. It wasn't that bad, but it was out of character for a player who has been almost impeccable otherwise this season. The second-quarter touchdown was the first one Revis had allowed since Oct. 17, 2010. Revis had 22 consecutive games, counting playoffs, of not allowing a score.

   The Jets play at Washington on Sunday, and even though the Redskins haven't been very potent in the passing game, the Jets can't afford more subpar games by the normally dominant Revis.

Jets Catch Lucky Break

   --The Jets were fortunate to hang on to a vital win over Buffalo on Sunday, considering the Bills' Stevie Johnson dropped a potential touchdown pass and quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick then missed him on two other occasions in the final minute.

   "Was it pretty? No, I wish it was cleaner," Jets' coach Rex Ryan admitted. "But I'll take the victory."

   Nor should the Jets (6-5) throw it back, considering it kept them from sinking in the crowded AFC wild-card race. But they also know they will need to play better down the stretch to secure a third consecutive wild-card playoff berth.

   "We know we can play a lot better," nose tackle Sione Pouha said. "We're equally as harsh on ourselves in terms of correcting (mistakes after) a victory as much as we are on a day (after) we lose a game. There's no relax mode or anything just because we won the game. We take it just as seriously as we would if we would have lost the game."

   The Jets' defense had allowed a 95-yard go-ahead touchdown drive to Denver late in the fourth quarter of the previous game, and was unable to get off the field down the stretch in road losses to Oakland and New England earlier this season, allowing one-score deficits to become two-score margins, negating the chances of a comeback.

   "It's hard to get wins in the NFL, it really is," cornerback Darrelle Revis said. "You want all the games to be the perfect game, but (Sunday), it wasn't. There were mistakes out there (and) there were positive plays as well. We have to really focus on the mistakes and get them corrected, because this has been going on throughout the course of the year. ... We've got to really focus in on the little things that we do on defense. We cannot make mental mistakes out there."

   When pressed, Ryan noted, "We have to keep improving. There's no question. We're not going to win (and) we're not going to reach our goal if we don't get better. But we definitely plan on getting better."

   The Jets will visit Washington (4-7) on Sunday. The Redskins snapped a six-game losing streak with a comeback victory at Seattle on Sunday, and took a suddenly hot Dallas team to overtime at home last week before losing. And if the Jets couldn't get a more decisive win Sunday against a Buffalo team ravaged by injuries on both sides of the ball, then no game is a walkover for them, no matter the opponent's record.

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