Tebow Looking Better As a QB

Tim Tebow has been fighting critics of his style of play since the day he declared himself for the NFL Draft -- even before. But on Sunday vs the Patriots Tebow showed he's not just a one-trick pony. Each week, there's a little more 'real' QB coming from the quarterback position in Denver, which bodes well for the Broncos' future.

Tebow completes more downfield throws
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  The scrutiny of quarterback Tim Tebow continues in the wake of Sunday's loss to New England.

   In some eyes, it was among his best showings -- particularly in the first half. Seven of his 11 completions in the game went for 15 yards or more.

   Other critics point to Tom Brady on the other side and openly wondered whether Tebow can ever put himself in that class of NFL quarterback with experience.

   "Six or seven weeks ago, people said he couldn't hit the broad side of the barn, but I think he does that. I think he can do that," coach John Fox said.

   --Return man Quan Cosby may not be on sure footing moving forward after his performance vs. New England.

   Cosby made a glaring mental error when, with Denver down 24-16 with 13 seconds left in the second quarter, he tried to field a punt at his own 17-yard-line but muffed the catch. Dane Fletcher recovered for the Patriots, bringing out kicker Stephen Gostkowski to tack on three points.

   Eddie Royal replaced Cosby on punt returns in the second half.

   "It was the indecisiveness," said Cosby, who is averaging 10 yards per punt return and 26.9 running back kicks. "My mind told my hand to wave. It didn't go up. It was a huge and very, very uncharacteristic and dumb mistake. Our team fought back to try to make up for it. ...

   "That (mistake) was very costly. It will never happen again."

   Cosby late in the third quarter fielded a kickoff 4 yards deep in the end zone but again lost control of the football. He recovered on a bounce but only made it out to the Denver 8.

   Denver had three giveaways in total in its 41-23 defeat.

   "It was one of those nights," Cosby said. "I think whoever had that voodoo doll needs to put it up and never bring it back out."

   --The Broncos have been a come-from-behind team, coming back from double-digit deficits three times in the second half this season: at Oakland, at Miami and vs. Chicago.

   But in the loss to the Patriots, Denver fell behind 34-16 after three quarters, taking the Broncos' No. 1 rush offense out of the equation.

   "I felt like we got away from what we do best. ... You can't play catch-up," wide receiver Demaryius Thomas said. "We were down 18 points, and we're more a running team than a passing team, and we kept throwing the ball. They just dropped back. They rushed Tim more and didn't give him much time to throw."

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