Pepper Notes: Super Bowl XLVI Thursday

TV personality Jackie Pepper has an update from Indianapolis on happenings at Super Bowl XLVI media sessions. Check out her latest video blog on Media access with Rob Gronkowski, Matt Herzlich and Madonna.

New England sports TV personality Jackie Pepper runs a blog that far too few people know about. It's one of the hidden gems of New England media people.  Not only is Pepper witty, she's engaging, charming and most obviously one of the best looking beat writers around.

Pepper is in Indianapolis to cover Super Bowl XLVI between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants. It looks like she's been pretty blogging her experience.  By the look of things, she's a little under the weather (voice-wise), with all of the craziness of Super Bowl week, but Pepper hasn't missed updating the blog with videos.

Pepper was psyched (our term) to hear of our interest in her blog, and has granted permission to repost some of her work here on Patriots Insider. 

Here's Pepper's Thursday update: (Great stuff on Gronkowski, Matt Herzlich, Madonna and more)

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Jackie Pepper is a television sports broadcaster. Her blog is:

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