Super Bowl Matchups: Coaches

In Part 9 of a series, we take a unit-by-unit look at Sunday's game between the Patriots and Giants. Bill Belichick has won three Super Bowls while Tom Coughlin has won one.


Giants players haven't always been big fans of Tom Coughlin's disciplinarian approach, but they have been quick to credit him for keeping the wheels on the bus when New York lost five of six to kick off the second half of the regular season

Bill Belichick isn't subjected to the same quick-trigger criticism and perceived lack of job security. Despite being a defensive-minded coach with one of the league's thinnest groups of defensive personnel, he has the Patriots back in the Super Bowl — and that defense has held its own with strong gameplans against Denver and Baltimore.

Both are veteran coaches with Super Bowls on their resumes and the experience to guide their teams through the chaos leading up to Sunday's game.


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