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Kisha Tapangan has the latest update to the Paatriots Super Bowl Blog, with all the updates from Saturday's Patriots Newswire.

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Today is the big day: Super Bow XLVI. Now that the week of news frenzy is coming to a close, all that is left is the game. The news wire has been filled with behind-the-scenes stories of brides, newborns and so much more.

Ines Gomez Mont, Mexican Reporter Who Proposed to Tom Brady at Super Bowl XLll Media Day, Gives Birth to Triplets
Everyone knows that Media Day during Super Bowl week is always a circus. Ines Gomez Mont caught some attention during the Super Bowl in 2007 by showing up in a wedding dress and shouting proposals to both Eli Manning and Tom Brady, both player declined.

Ines was not present at this year's Media Day as she recently gave birth to triplets with her husband Javier Mont. Seems like Ines has her own circus to deal with at home.

Giants' Victor Cruz has a a special lucky charm
We found a story about a pizzeria delivering pies all the way from Long Island for the Giants but their standout receiver Victor Cruz has his own special lucky charm.

Cruz has asked his girlfriend, Elaina Watley if she could bring his three-month old daughter, Kennedy to Indianapolis for the big game. Although Kennedy won't be in the stadium for the game, she will be in an Indianapolis hotel room with a sitter dressed in her father's team colors.

Does anyone know the real Bill Belichick? Only his real friends do
There's a lot of mystery surrounding Bill Belichick and pretty everything about him. From his straightforward answers to every question at every press conference. The media spends countless hours trying to get into Belichick's brain to get just a glimpse of what his closest friends see.

Dubbed in this article as the "man with two lives", Belichick is known to come off as cold during the season but to his friends, that side of Bill is unfamiliar. From his love for the Grateful Dead and unexpected fascination with Harry Potter, Belichick is described as "the essence of a friend". Prolific sports figures such as Tony La Russa and Jim Brown were asked about their friendship with Belichick. As well as family friends like 16-year-old Rob Ingraham, whose father attended college with Bill. These interview paint a very different picture from the monotone Bill Belichick that we all know.

Obama supporters are all for the Patriots, but who are cheering for the Giants?
A Silicone Valley start-up conducted a survey of 205 people and asked what their Super Bowl XLVI predictions were. With some data-crunching, which included separating knowledgeable fans from those taking a wild guess - all by voice response analysis - that the Patriots are set to with by three points. This isn't really anything too riveting.

What was interesting is that the same group of people were then asked who they were planning to vote in the next presidential election and as it is explained, "Turns out, 75 percent of Obama supporters believe the Patriots will win while 69 percent of the Republicans in the group are betting on the Giants." So even though the majority of the population will be watching the game, there will be even more things to debate about.

Deion Branch and Wes Welker are the Patriots' go-to guys
Whether it be experience or just the fact that both Deion Branch and Wes Welker know Tom Brady so well, it seems like these two guys have solidified their role in the Patriots offense.

Welker has had a stellar season and Branch has been quietly effective. While Branch has had the opportunity to win two Super Bowls before, Welker has yet to gain such experience. Brady explained that Branch "always shows up in the big games." Branch's competition on the team has changed a lot since the first two Super Bowls as most of Brady's passes have been thrown to tight ends. But like in true Patriot fashion, Branch is just "happy to be back."

The proposing bride now has a family, Victor Cruz has his lucky charm, Obama supporters cheer on the Patriots, Bill Belichick has a different side and Wes Welker and Deion Branch prepare to give all that they can in the Patriots' effort to win the Super Bowl.  For the last day of Super Bowl XLVI week, it still looks to be a news-filled one.

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