Broncos Can't Rely On Just Tebow-Power

The Broncos made it to the playoffs, and yes that's a good thing. But, teams found ways to expose Denver's one-dimensional offense, namely the Patriots. John Elway may have named Tim Tebow starter heading into training camp, but there's no question he's going to have to fight to keep that job.

   One of the most sought-after celebrities  for the Super Bowl festivities was Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, who drew crowds of fans just about everywhere he went.

   Tebow allowed that he understands he has considerable work to do, especially in the passing game, and that his efforts will extend beyond just minicamps and OTA workouts.

   "I'm going to try to get together with teammates (principally wide receivers in the offseason), and just throw as much as I can, and get some timing down," Tebow told The Sports Xchange. "I think there are some (unspoken) things, some understandings, that you can create by just working with people, and I'm looking forward to that. There were probably some instances last season when we all missed that, and it won't be the case anymore."

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   Tebow allowed he was "gratified" by the recent remarks of Broncos executive vice president John Elway that he will go to training camp as the team's starter. But he emphasized that he was aware, as well, of Elway's assessment that the team will try to bolster the quarterback depth chart and create competition for the position.

More Balance Necessary
   --The Patriots' loss was only the final reminder of the limitations of Denver's offense once the run game couldn't play a central role or milk the clock. Teams with multiple weapons like Detroit, New England and Green Bay put up big points and necessitated a score-for-score mindset from the Broncos that couldn't be backed up by a limited passing game.

   Tebow's improvement is one key, but wide receiver Demaryius Thomas, a breakout star in the final six weeks of the season, believes that the team's core offensive mindset may limit the club's ability to be a team that puts up 40 points-plus with any kind of regularity.

   "We don't do the same thing that they do," Thomas said. "We run the ball more, so we aren't going to be putting up no 45 points a game by running a lot unless we just bust it open anytime we run it. They throw the ball more than we do."

   Despite Fox's core grind-it-out mentality mixed with a strong defense, executive vice president of football operations John Elway suggested balance moving forward on offense will be a major key.

   "The more we can get a threat in the passing game, the more it's going to help an already good running game," Elway said. "The idea is always to get that balance."

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