Viewing Mock Drafts are always an interesting way to see what NFL Draft enthusiasts, experts and analysts think will happen in April's NFL Draft.'s Exclusive Mock Draft Muncher is back and live for 2012 (with a few cool new tricks) Check it out.

Newton and commish at the Draft
 NFL commissioner Roger Goodell introduces quarterback Cameron Newton (Auburn) as the number one overall pick to the Carolina Panthers in the 2011 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. (Jerry Lai-US PRESSWIRE)  4/28/2011

This is the time of year when football experts, analysts and self proclaimed "gurus" strut their football knowledge with a everyone's favorite tool, the mock draft. 

Some mock draft publishers use years of experience analyzing the players. Some carefully examine front office tendencies of the clubs. Others use the dartboard method to make their picks.
Regardless of how the picks are made, the Muncher is a tool you can use to cull the outliers and get to the real meat of what these experts think will happen come April.

Using the Mock Draft Muncher, you can see who draft experts are predicting your team will take at each position, which players are rising or falling, and what the trends are at each position in the draft.

New in the 2012 edition:
-- Now evaluates two rounds rather than one
-- iPad and iPhone compatible charts and graphs.
-- Improved draft simulation (fewer players sliding down the draft)
-- Recoded from top to bottom for greater speed


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