Spikes Feeling Better After Surgery

According to a Boston Herald report, Brandon Spikes is on the road to recovery. At a recent autograph event in Wilmington, Spikes not only helped some needy kids out, he shared some insight into his post surgery recovery.

Patriots' linebacker Brandon Spikes is was out around town this weekend, making appearances, handing out cash to needy fans and oh yeah, talking about his injury – a knee surgery he underwent s short time ago.

Spikes, making an autograph appearance at the Shriners Auditorium in Wilmington, spent a few minutes discussing his offseason with the Boston Herald.  Admittedly he wasn't keen on talking about the injury in detail, but he did provide some insight into his condition.

"It's going good. I'm just re-habbing, trying to get better, staying on top of it," Spikes told the Herald. "I had surgery a couple weeks ago.

Not one to bemoan the injury bug, Spikes missed seven games last season. The procedure was reportedly a routine one to address his condition.

"This was like my first surgery ever," Spikes explained. " But it's going well. "

Spikes' generosity at the event generated a buzz in twitterverse. Spikes said he saw some kids on his way in to the event, just hanging around. He learned they didn't have enough money to attend the event. So instead of driving by telling them he was sorry he'd miss them, he rolled down the window and handed them a $100 to help them out.

"I wanted to do something for them," the linebacker explained.

If he wanted it kept quiet, there was no chance of that. One of the lucky ones tweeted a picture of the generous gift Spikes bestowed upon them, tweeting:

"@Dylan_DiNatale: @BrandonSpikes55 gave us $100 holllyyyyy sh____  http://pic.twitter.com/BN1Rdy5n " no surprise. He a stand up dude. #respect"
(edited for language)

His twitter fans were equally impressed, writing other encouraging words in support of the Patriots defender.

Spikes' rehab may be on track, but there's no way to know how far he's progressed until the team's offseason OTAs and minicamp.  For now, seeing him walking without the aid of crutches or a limp is an encouraging sign.

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