Patriots 2012 Draft Picks and Trades

The New England Patriots 2012 Draft class. Here is a list of all of the team's picks, and the trades that the team made before and during the Draft.

The Patriots 2012 Draft concluded with a heavy focus on defense. After trading up on Day One, New England made a move to trade down on Day Two.

The Patriots Drafted the following players in the 2012 NFL Draft:

1st Round (21st overall):  DE Chandler Jones, Syracuse
1st Round (25th overall): LB Dont'a Hightower, Alabama
2nd Round (48th overall): S Tavon Wilson, Illinois
3rd Round (90th overall): DE Jake Bequette, Arkansas
6th Round (197th overall): DB Nate Ebner, Ohio State
7th Round (224th overall): CB Alfonzo Dennard, Nebraska
7th Round  (235th overall): WR Jeremy Ebert, Northwestern

New England entered the Draft with just six picks:
1st Round - (27) 27th overall (from the Saints) (a)
1st Round - (31) 31st overall
2nd Round - (16) 48th overall (From Oakland) (b)
2nd Round - (31) 62nd overall
3rd Round - (31) 93rd overall
4th Round - (31) 126th overall

The Patriots have been very active making trades that affected the 2012 Draft.  Moves made in 2010, 2011 and 2012 impacted this year's Draft. The following is an account of all of the trades that impacted the Patriots' 2012 Draft. 

During the 2012 Draft, Patriots made these trades of their 2012 picks:
1st Round (27) - Pats get Bengals 1st (21),  Bengals get Pats 1st (27) and 3rd (93)  
1st Round (31) - Pats get Broncos 1st (25),  Broncos get Pats 1st (31) and 4th (126)
2nd Round (62) - Pats get Packers 3rd (90) and 5th (126) for Pats 2nd (62)
5th Round (163) - Pats get Packers 6th (197) and 7th (224 & 235) picks, Packers get Pats 5th (163)

Prior to the 2012 Draft, New England made these trades of their 2012 picks:
5th Round - (31) 166th overall - TRADED to Cincinnati 7/29/2011 (c)
6th Round - (31) 200th overall - TRADED to Philadelphia  9/5/2010 (d)
7th Round - (16) 223rd overall - TRADED to Minnesota  10/6/2010 (e)
7th Round - (31) 238th overall - TRADED to Kansas City 9/5/2010 (f)

Trade Notes (current and previous Drafts):
(a) Patriots acquired the Saints 2012 1st Round (27) and 2011 2nd Round (56) picks for Patriots 2011 1st Round (28th overall) pick.   Patriots used the 2011 2nd (56) to selected RB Shane Vereen.

(b) Patriots sent their 2011 2nd Round (48) and 4th Round (125) picks to Raiders for Oakland's 2011 7th  Round (219) and 2012 2nd Round (48) picks. The Patriots used the 2011 7th Round (219) pick on DB Malcom Williams.

(c) Patriots sent their 2012 5th Round pick (166) and 2013 6th Round pick to Bengals for WR Chad Ochocinco.

(d) Patriots sent their 2012 6th Round pick (200) to Eagles for LB Tracy White and a 2012 7th Round pick (223) [see (e)].

(e) Patriots sent their 2012 7th Round pick (223) acquired from Eagles in 2011 [see (d)] and WR Randy Moss to Vikings for Minnesota's 2011 3rd Round pick.

(f) Patriots sent their 2012 7th Round pick (238) to Chiefs for S Jarrad Page.

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