Patriots Wire: Four For The Fourth

Happy Fourth of July. If you're looking for some good reads while you're waiting for the burgers to cook on the grill, or later as you wait on fireworks, here are four news items you should check out.

America celebrates its Fourth of July festivities today.  Here's wishing you and yours a safe and happy holiday.

In light of the holiday, we'd like to leave you with fourth thoughts for the Fourth.  These come courtesy of the Patriots Daily Newswire (You can find it here: Newswire )


Reused Celebration Materials

The City of Boston held its annual celebration of Independence Day by reading of the Declaration of Independence at the Old State House.  Unfortunately, the party props they used were destined for a bigger celebration that was called off.

Who can blame city officials for trying to save a buck in these trying times.   After all, the goods were supposed to be long gone, used to celebrate another epic win by a local team.  Saving a buck in trying economic times should be applauded.

The organizers of the 4th of July celebrations in Boston opted to use the confetti cannons originally earmarked for the parade to follow the New England Patriots victory for winning Super Bowl XLVI vs the New York Giants.  Only, the Patriots didn't win.

As noted by Simon Samano of USA Today, It's a bittersweet way to try to turn a positive out of something negative.  


Ochocinco In The News, Twice

You have to admit, Chad Ochocinco has a knack for grabbing headlines.  Ever since he left the Patriots, Ochocinco has returned to his old form of engaging the public and making headlines.

First, Ochocinco, who is getting married today to his fiancée Evelyn Lozada, invited a total stranger  to his wedding.

Cheryl Minton wrote to Ochocinco via twitter:  "@ochocinco  I'm feeling pretty low today. Lost my hubby 2 weeks ago. Together 30 years.  Very Hard. Please pray for me. Thanks…"

As noted by MJD of Yahoo Sports, What Ochocinco did next was mind-blowingly kind.  He invited her to his wedding.


Then, after that news broke, Ochocinco added a little nugget, published by the Sun-Sentinel today. Things are going so well for him in his post Patriots days, that he feels like he can keep on playing – till he's 40.

Amazing how much attention Ochocinco gets for a guy who caught just  15 passes for just 276 yards last year.   


Safety Concerns

The Patriots have done what they could to revamp a secondary that was last in the league until the final weeks of the 2011 season when the Green Bay Packers were burned worse on a regular basis to assume ‘worst in league' designation.  The team recently re-signed  free agent safety James Ihedigbo with little to no fanfare on the move.

Fans may not understand that Ihedigbo was a big part of the team's defensive coverage last year. He's seen the problems, he's experienced the miscommunications, he watched the Giants drive down the field for a comeback win in the Super Bowl.

"I can see why a guy like Ray Lewis plays the game for so long, because once you get a taste [of] playing in the Super Bowl, it drives you," Ihedigbo said on SiriusXMNFL  Radio this week. "It definitely just drives you. It's driven me this offseason to continue to work hard, and I'm blessed and I'm definitely thankful that I'm back with the Patriots and have another chance to make another run at it."

More of the article via ESPN:

Ihedigbo is no lock to make the team, signing a one-year deal to return to Foxboro after years of being a Jets defender trying to stop Tom Brady and company.


Snap Counts Tell A Tale

From good pal Tom Curran at CSNNE, the Patriots snap counts of 2011 can translate into new roles in 2012.

What should concern you about the numbers, which isn't readily pointed out, is the limited time that Sebastian Vollmer spent taking snaps in his third season.  Vollmer – who is supposed to be the starting tackle – played in just under 30% of the snaps from 2011.   With Matt Light retiring, Vollmer's job is starter on the right side.

Another concern is that veteran guard Brian Waters, who appeared in 97/97percent of the offensive plays, hasn't committed to returning to Foxboro in 2012.  Waters was second in plays behind Tom Brady. Read More >>>



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