Jets' problems start at the top

While everyone is pointing the finger at Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez, the Jets' problems begin with their ownership group and front office.

This was a failure from the start of the game and sadly it's going to get worse. While everyone wants to pin the loss on the quarterback who has regressed, once again the picture is a lot bigger and Sanchez isn't getting the help from his head coach who says he believes in Sanchez, but in reality has lost faith in him.

Was Mark Sanchez ever Rex Ryan's guy when he drafted him? Who knows what the truth really is but this performance from every side of the ball failed for Gang Green who are now just a bunch of schoolyard trash talking bullies who finally got what they deserved, a whooping that was felt from the swamps of the Meadowlands all the way to Montauk in Long Island.

The best special teams coach in the NFL wasn't happy either when his punt team allowed Olivier Vernon to break through and block Robert Malone's punt and grab it into the end zone, while Vernon blocked Nick Folk's first field goal attempt at the end of the first half.

How could this great defense get outplayed once again from the backup quarterback in Matt Moore when they forced Ryan Tannehill out of the game with a strained quadriceps? How could they allow this backup to torch them all over the field and not stop a team that has the potential to take a playoff spot away from the Jets?

Very simply, the team doesn't care about what Rex Ryan says anymore on the sidelines and during practice, the play calling from Tony Sparano is a complete joke and the use of Tim Tebow as a "Secret Weapon" has been misleading and hasn't gotten a real chance to do anything.

The major problem afflicting this team has also been in the front office, this so called "cap-ologist" has cost the Jets a true chance to redeem themselves from last year's debacle and Mike Tannenbaum has failed to shore up the roster with veterans that need to help out the rookies from the recent draft and failed his coaches for having a competitive team.

Finally the biggest joke of all is from Robert "Woody" Johnson who sees dollar signs when bringing in Tim Tebow instead of a potential AFC East Division Title, a return to the AFC Championship Game and or a potential Super Bowl berth. Maybe it's time for the Band-Aid king to sell the team to an owner who will care and take this team and this league seriously.

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