An Oh-So-Satisfying Victory

After all the back-and-forth between the Dolphins and Jets last week, could there have been any better way for the Dolphins to end the argument than with a lopsided victory that sent the Jets reeling into their bye.

Did a picture capture the emotion of the day better than Richie Incognito walking to the sideline after a minor skirmish and staring straight at the Jets bench while blowing kisses and then doing a little wave bye-bye.

Yeah, this one was some kind of sweet.

In fact, it has to go down as one of the sweetest victories the Dolphins have ever enjoyed against the Jets.

For record-keeping purposes, it was the Dolphins' second-most lopsided road victory everagainst the Jets, topped only by a 43-0 shutout way back in 1975.

That's 37 years ago, a time when the Dolphins were a powerhouse and the Jets were starting a run of three consecutive 3-11 seasons.

It also was a different time back then, before the media played such a big role in everything and long before Rex Ryan appeared on the scene.

No question, the man is refreshing with his candor, something that's always in short supply among the tight-lipped, politically correct coaching fraternity, but he also leaves himself open to ridicule when things don't go the Jets' way.

Remember, it was Ryan who started everything last week by apologizing for his "hot sauce" comment toward Reggie Bush but at the same time saying he expected Bush to also apologize for saying that Darrelle Revis' season-ending knee injury in that Sept. 23 game at Sun Life Stadium was a classic case of karma.

Before the week ended, a few more players had gotten into it, and it made Sunday's game even more meaningful than it already was.

And that's the thing. We didn't need all the yapping for Sunday to be a big victory for the Dolphins.

By avenging their overtime loss in Week 3, the Dolphins stamped themselves as legitimate contenders in the AFC playoff picture while putting the Jets in bad shape at 3-5 and with continued question marks at quarterback, where Mark Sanchez continues his up-and-down ways and Tim Tebow still waits for the time when his coaches decide it might be a good idea to get him into the lineup on a regular basis since, you know, they did trade for him in the offseason.

Victory celebrations don't last very long in the NFL unless the team is headed into a bye, but rest assured the Dolphins squeezed out every ounce of joy out of that one.

The best example was a few tweets sent out by players Sunday night, all along the theme of, "You can talk all you want, Jets, we just walked all over you."

Or something to that effect.

Any victory on Sunday would have been nice, but the total domination — and it was that, despite the Jets' advantage in total yardage — made it even nicer.

Go ahead, tell us the last time the Dolphins had a more convincing, more enjoyable victory over the Jets.

The 2009 game, when Ted Ginn Jr. returned two kickoffs for touchdowns, was nice, but it wasn't a spanking.

The other 2009 game, when Ronnie Brown scored in the final seconds to give the Dolphins the victory, also was nice, but that one was at home and not quite as powerful a statement.

From this end, the only road victory against the Jets that comes close in terms of satisfaction was the 1994 "Spike Game" when Dan Marino faked everyone out and threw a fourth TD pass to Mark Ingram to win the game.

But, if you recall, the final score that day was 28-24, not 30-9.

Nah, come to think of it, in terms of a victory convincing enough on every level to shut up the Jets and their — how shall we put it? — outspoken fans, nothing topped Sunday's game.

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