Unfinished Business:Jets primed for big upset

The last time the Jets and Patriots met, New England wrestled victory from the jaws of defeat in an epic overtime affair up in Foxborough. Find out how a Jets win on Thursday night could serve as a springboard for Gang Green's playoff push.

On Thanksgiving Night the New York Jets face a critical juncture in their season that can turn their bad fortunes right around. We all know that the AFC is wide open and there lies an opportunity that has not been seen since the Jets' victory over the Indianapolis Colts in Week 6.

New York's last trip to Foxboro featured the Patriots' red throwback uniforms with the Jets squandering a glorious chance to get a win and take an early season lead in the divisional race. Unfortunately, Ryan and company did not get the job done as they allowed that win to slip out of their hands.

Once again that chance has returned against the Patriots only to be served up as the final game of this historic holiday. Because it's not just getting a fifth win, it's adding a big win from within the division and the chance to enter the month of December with five games to go for a chance to feast on weaker opponents from the AFC as well as the NFC West's Arizona Cardinals.

The victory over the Rams was the start of getting things in the right direction, now Gang Green will look to continue the trend by stymieing Tom Brady and the Gronk-Less Patriots. While it's a major blow to Brady & Belichick let's not forget that Wes Welker, Aaron Hernandez and a few other weapons on offense can put fear in the hearts of the Jets' coaching staff.

If the Jets can continue to perform like they did the last game, and pressure on Brady then there is a solid chance they can truly salvage this season and have a fighting chance for a Wildcard playoff spot. But as I was listening to local New York Sports Radio, something has irked me to no end.

Jets fans have already decided to give up on the season and they want the Pats to destroy the Gang Green and wipe them off the field, their reasons are to end the Rex Ryan era and clean house. While I do agree that certain things have not gone their way, Ryan should not be run out of town.

But what really bothers me is that a big rival is coming down to play the Jets, the fans have already waived the white flag and want change. The true change will be coming to Mike Tannenbaum who has failed to replenish the roster with true veterans. Until Ryan is in the crosshairs Mr. T. will be shown the door first.

Maybe I'm not the typical Jets fan who is ready to call it quits, maybe I'm not the typical Jets fan who is ready to cry uncle. Maybe I still see a real opportunity for this team to grab that second consecutive big win and then march through December to possibly get into the playoffs.

When all the scenarios are officially exhausted then I'll call it quits, but right now the door is opened a crack and if there is victory the door is wide open. That means the Jets have a chance to get into the playoffs.

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