Jets' players react to Tannenbaum's firing

With wholesale changes expected this offseason, general manager Mike Tannenbaum was the first member of the front office sent packing this week. Find out what Gang Green's locker room leaders had to say about the move

With the firing of general manager Mike Tannenbaum , most Jets' fans are crowding around their computers to find the next possible suitor who will bring the Jets back to the promise land. First, we must let the players bid their farewell to the man who hired them but we must do so in a proper manner.

D'Brickashaw Ferguson on the inconsistency of the offense: Again, it's hard to place my finger at what the problem was. I think if we knew what the problem was, we would've addressed it. It wasn't the type of year that we wanted and hopefully this will be an end to this type of season. We don't want to continue to have losing seasons.

Darrelle Revis on Tannenbaum's firing: There is really no reaction. Everybody gets evaluated. In this business we get evaluated every week. It is just the business side of it. He did great things here for the last couple of years. It is really sad. You do not want to see (anybody) get fired or any players getting released in this manner but it happened.

Nick Mangold on Tannenbaum's firing: It's tough. The man has been here for (16) years. He put his heart and soul into this job. He brought me in and gave me my chance in the NFL. That's tough to see.

Mark Sanchez on Tannebaum's firing: That's tough because he's someone who drafted me and we've had some success together the first couple of years and it's hard to see changes like that. We really do feel for the guy, but at the end of the day that's a Mr. Johnson decision. That's what he thinks is best for the team. We'll move on from there, but I wish Mr. Tannenbaum the best of luck. (He has) a great family and they've always been good to me.

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