Rice To Moss: Check The Stats

Move over Jerry Rice, Randy Moss says he's the best WR ever. Rice, not one to boast, snipes back for Moss to check the stats.

New Orleans (AP)
Hall of Famer Jerry Rice has no interest in a back-and-forth debate with Randy Moss during Super Bowl week about who's the greatest NFL wide receiver of all time.

Randy Moss


Randy Moss causes a stir at Super Bowl media day, saying he's the best WR ever.

Rice has a strong opinion on the matter, yet insists he won't come out and say he is the best ever. The former San Francisco 49ers star turned television man will offer one thought to Moss: Check the stats.

During media day Tuesday at the Superdome, Moss declared himself ''the greatest receiver ever to play this game.'' Rice says there's a ''big difference'' between his body of work compared to that of the 35-year-old Moss, who returned to the league this season after a year off.

Rice gives Moss the nod of ''most talented,'' but added, ''you've got to work hard.''


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