Eagles Q&A With NFL Insider Adam Caplan

Heading into the first preseason game, we touch base with NFL Expert and ESPN contributor Adam Caplan. 3 questions with an insider.

1)  It appears the Eagles have undergone a ton of changes since Andy Reid left. Tell us what's different about this year's Eagles team vs those of the past?

Adam Caplan: New coaching staff (with just a few remaining from the previous staff), revamped front office, and completely different schemes on offense and defense.

See offensive look below.

They'll run a 3-4 on defense with lots of looks from the Steelers defense (zone blitz concepts, match up zone in secondary).

2)  What do you think about Chip Kelly's offense at Oregon and how do you expect it will impact his offense in Philadelphia?

Adam Caplan: I'd say we'll see about 75 percent of the Oregon offense this season with the Eagles.

Kelly's offense is a shot-gun, spread attack with multiple formations and looks. And it's a high tempo, volume (of plays) offense, which is what the Patriots took from the Oregon offense last season.

The biggest difference from the Reid offense is that you'll see them run the ball a lot more. And the Eagles potentially could have the NFL's best running game this season. But their defense, which clearly has issues on the back end. could prevent them from running it as much as they did at Oregon (64 percent last season).

3)  Who deserves to get the nod at starting QB for the Eagles and why?

Adam Caplan: It's really even as we enter the first preseason game.

Through OTAs and minicamps, Nick Foles was the clear leader, the competition wasn't close. However, after the first three days of training camp, the light has gone on for Michael Vick. He clearly wasn't comfortable with the offense during the offseason, but he's getting rid of the ball faster and with better accuracy. He's more comfortable with what he's being asked to do. And this offense fits him quite well. If he's accurate, gets the ball off quickly and puts the ball out where the passing option can only get it, he'll likely win it.

Foles is a more accurate passer and probably has a better feel for the passing game concepts, but Vick has better tools (arm strength, athleticism, playing experience).

Bonus: gun to your head (bad pun in New England), what's your Season prediction for the 2013 Eagles?

Adam Caplan: 8-8.

Prediction for NE? Mine is 11-5

Adam Caplan: 11-5.

Adam Caplan is a NFL contributor for ESPN, analyst forPhiladelphiaeagles.com and radio host at Sirius/XM.  You can follow him on Twitter: @CaplanNFL

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