Beason:No question G-men can go on win streak

Linebacker Jon Beason for the New York Giants spoke about going up against Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers this Sunday.

This Sunday the Giants will attempt to improve their standing in the division when they face off against the San Diego Chargers. Both teams are 5-7 and the Giants are ready for the win. Linebacker Jon Beason said there is "no question," that the team can go on another win streak.

"Once you go out there and win a game, you do have that confidence that you know how to do it now and everyone starts to buy in and you're doing things the right way; the attention to detail, the small little things that really…now it's all about San Diego," noted Beason.

Even so, Philip Rivers' numbers have been up, especially after San Diego's win over the Kansas City Chiefs a few weeks ago. According to Beason, there are few things that make Rivers better this season; things the Giants need to look out for.

"He's got great weapons around him, but he's a gamer," noted Beason. "He's a gun-slinger. I love his game. He's a great person. You look at the numbers… They're number two in the league in third down conversions. That's the money down… We've got to stop their offense because that's what makes them go."

Other San Diego weapons the New York defense needs to watch out for include running back Ryan Matthews, tight end Antonio Gates, and running back Danny Woodhead.

"You try to look at what they do well and take that away from them. They run the ball well with Matthews," noted Beason. "They have Gates, who's a matchup nightmare for everybody. If you can take those two guys out of the game, you have an opportunity to win."

When it comes to Danny Woodhead, Breason notes he is "difficult" to deal with.

"I love the way he plays," noted Woodhead. "He's hard. He's a tough nosed kid. I remember playing against him in New York when he was here with the Jets. He's a great football player, but he does some things out of the backfield with 4.4 speed."

Beason is just happy to have his teammates around him to challenge a team with the same record, including Justin Tuck. When it comes to his teammate, Beason had nothing but kind words for the star defensive end.

"He's just so consistent at continuing to strive and give great effort on every play and the sacks, they come like that," noted Beason.

You can catch the Giants vs. the Chargers this Sunday at 4:25 EST.

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