Game Balls & Goats: Week 16 Ravens

Who did well and who didn't? We hand out our awards for Sunday's game. The Patriots knocked off the Baltimore Ravens 41-7. Game Balls all around

T Each week we nominate (up to 3 of each) Game Balls and Goats for play on the field (or off).  Honorable and Dishonorable mentions are included for those deserving such nominations beyond the three.   Awards can be for anything from play on the field including players, or coaches, to fans in the stands or even the media.  Fans are encouraged to share theirs.  

Here are ours:


1) Defense -- Patriots kept Joe Flacco and co out of End Zone except for one time.  Fourth and goal line stand was big. Sacks and INTs, a big day for defense.

2) Logan Ryan -- Two INTs and a huge deflected pass, Ryan is proving to be a wise Draft pick in the third round of the 2013 Draft.

3)  Coaching -- The Patriots came to play in Baltimore, taking it to the Ravens 20-0 before Baltimore even had a chance to score.  Game was over when Flacco couldn't get the Ravens in the end zone after closing the game 20-7.

Honorable Mentions


1)  Justin Tucker -- How do you miss a chip shot like that after nailing 6 FGs including a 61-yarder the week before?

2)  Ray Rice -- a shell of his former glory, Rice had trouble making any hay. Getting stuffed at the goal line was uncharacteristic of the former fantasy phenom.

3)  Injury Bug -- Devin McCourty out, Shane Vereen out.  Patriots can't afford any more injuries to key players

Dishonorable Mentions:

Joe Flacco - mistakes, INTs, sacks. Not a good day for Joe
Ravens Coaching -- Three crucial failed 4th down conversions.  Should have gone for the points or field position.

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