Giants' Free Agent Wish List: Tight Ends

With a great deal of free agents, the Giants are looking for some new talent to help them as they spend the off-season rebuilding. Let's take a look at the tight ends who will be on Big Blue's radar during free agency.

The New York Giants had nightmare of a season, not meeting the playoff standards of its fan base or front office. Not only do the coaching staff and players have an offseason to be filled with building and regrouping, the franchise faces the issue of thirty free agents that they will need to decide whether to resign, let go, or pick up free agents elsewhere. Among those facing potentially being let go, includes tight end, Brandon Myers, who is likely to be one of the thirty let go. The Giants' general management faces a large pool of free agents from other teams that could be a helpful replacement in building the team into a better competitor next season.

1. Jimmy Graham, New Orleans Saints

With an astounding 86 receptions for the regular season and over 1,200 yards, Graham is a tight end that most NFL teams dream of. This year however, there is an outside chance someone other than the Saints could get him with his contract being up. Although the Saints will likely keep him, especially now that they have made it to the second round of the postseason, the franchise faces going way over their salary cap, and might need to turn some players loose. There is no doubt that players crucial to a team's chemistry have gone before (look at the Baltimore Ravens). With so many free agents, the Giants will have some money to toss around, and a tight end like Graham is just what they need to get the offense back in motion. Graham recorded 16 touchdowns for the year, without the fumbles, something the Giants could use.

2) Dennis Pitta, Baltimore Ravens

Although Pitta only had only 20 receptions and 169 yards this year for the Baltimore Ravens, he did that all in just a few games after returning late in the season following his recovery from a hip injury sustained during training camp. In 2012, however, he had 61 receptions and was a crucial target for Joe Flacco with very few drops to his name. The Ravens will try and keep him, but as we saw last year, it will prove difficult with their cap. Eli Manning needs more reliable targets, and Tom Coughlin needs a tight end that can hold the ball and make plays happen. Pitta has done that for Baltimore, so he could probably do it for New York.

3) Brandon Pettigrew, Detroit Lions

Although Pettigrew didn't quite meet the expectations of the Lions, he is still one of the best free agent tight ends out there, with 41 receptions and 416 yards for the season. The Giants could afford him for a year or two, and there is a good chance he could prove an efficient weapon for the New York's offense.

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