RUMOR MILL: Trade Winds Swirling?

Rumors continue suggesting the Patriots may trade another player in the 2014 Draft

Rumor Mill:   Patriots To Trade Ryan Mallett


RUMOR:  The Patriots, looking at quarterbacks in the Draft and are willing to trade Ryan Mallet in the 2014 Draft for the right price.

SOURCE: East West Shrine game,

UPDATE:  02/01/14  Word from the 2014 East West Shrine game was that the Patriots scouting the quarterbacks heavily.  While most contact with all players is normal, New England staffers were spending extra time studying the QB class in Mobile according to our insider.  After review, that sentiment has been corroborated by other sources.  The Senior Bowl was another area where New England was showing interest in the QB prospects.

UPSIDE: By trading Mallett now, the Patriots can realize maximum value for a player they're paying a final year of his rookie contract.  With Mallett having just one year left on his rookie contract, the team may be willing to send him to a team desperate for a solid QB who learned under the Patriots' system, especially with guidance from Tom Brady.   Brian Hoyer was a perfect example of that in Cleveland.  Matt Cassel was not-so-much in Kansas City.  

New England used a 3rd round pick on Mallet in 2012.  If they can parley the trade into a better third round pick and a player, or an additional pick, many insiders feel they'd do it.  It's not like the team will replace Tom Brady with Ryan Mallett right now.

DOWNSIDE: As usual, the risk of trading a player who is familiar with the system and has a future as a starter is that the starter ahead of him ( Tom Brady ) could get injured.  If that happened after New England traded Mallett, the team would be scrambling for a QB who could "get by".   When Brady went down with a knee injury in the first game of the 2008 season, Matt Cassel stepped in to lead the team to an 11-5 record barely missing the playoffs.  Trading Mallett would remove that safety net the team currently enjoys.

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