NEWSWIRE: Patriots cut Forston and Williams

New England continues to make roster moves cutting tight end D.J. Wiliiams and defensive lineman Marcus Forston on Thursday.

Patriots Cut Forston and Williams (ProFootballTalk)

New England continues to make roster moves cutting tight end D.J. Wiliiams and defensive lineman Marcus Forston on Thursday.

Williams was drafted by the Packers out of Arkansas in 2011 where he played for two years before moving to the Jaguars and then the Patriots in 2013. He played in two regular season games last season with the Patriots last season but has been reported to be dealing with a recent leg injury.

Forston appeared in three games in the 2013 season. New England is now left with four tight ends and three open spots on the roster.

New England Fans Named in Top 5 of NFL (NESN)

A recent study done by Forbes named Patriots fans as the fourth best in the league. The Green Bay Packers were selected as having the best fans in the NFL. Nielsen Scarborough ranked each team by television ratings, attendance at home, sales on, social media following and hometown reach. New England claimed the top spot for attendance helping them crack the top five. The Broncos and Saints were given the number two and three spots.
Mayo Stays Quiet about Absence (Boston Globe)

Linebacker Jerod Mayo gave up little information on his absence in last week’s practice, only revealing the issue was not of a personal nature. Mayo was happy to be back on the practice field this week to get prepared for the matchup against Carolina.

“I feel good, feel good. I went out there yesterday, ran around a little bit. Feel pretty good,” Mayo explained.

When asked about the nature of his injury, the linebacker responded by referring those questions to Belichick. Mayo may not suit up for the third preseason game of the year, however, he spoke to what the Patriots will face against the Panthers on Friday night.

“Carolina, they have a great running attack, three great backs, a quarterback that can also run but make plays with his arm..Any time you have a quarterback that can run and throw, everyone has to be disciplined, stay in your rush lanes. If you’re in pass coverage, stay in coverage,” Mayo explained. “Until they pass that line of scrimmage, they can always throw the ball, there’s always a threat to throw the ball, so we all have to be alert.” Browner Fixating on Technique (

New England’s Brandon Browner is spending his time focused on perfecting his technique to avoid the new penalties set forth by the league. Referees will have a greater emphasis on illegal contact and defensive holding calls for receivers five or more yards from the line of scrimmage.

Browner, known for both his physicality and size during his time with the Seahawks, has a reputation for toughness on the line of scrimmage that may have to be slightly tweaked.

“That’s the key to the game at the cornerback spot. Like they always say, football is a game of inches,” said Browner. “So you’ve got to be technique sound out there in order to make plays and not get beat and not get penalties. I’m just trying to keep my eyes to where I would place my hands. Just make you be tighter on honing in on your craft.”

Browner received a penalty in the first preseason game of the year for illegal contact but did not in the second game against the Eagles. While he may need to make some adjustments, he does not, however, want to do so by giving up big plays.

“You want to just play freely and try to eliminate the penalties, but at the same time, when you're between a penalty and a big play,” explained the 221-pound cornerback. “I’d rather take the penalty than give up the big play, because the big play could ultimately be a touchdown, where illegal contact could cost you five yards and a first down.”

Easley Staying Positive While His Injury Heals (Providence Journal)

Patriots first-round pick Dominique Easley is happy to finally be back on the field practicing in 11-on-11 drills with his new teammates for the first time this week. A torn ACL left the defensive tackle on the sidelines for much of his senior season last year.

Easley has spent most of the offseason working to heal his knee as well as situated in the video room learning the playbook through film and veterans such as Vince Wilfork and Tommy Kelly.

“It’s real important. You got to know what you — you’re supposed to know everything when you get on the field. Just learning from Vince and Tommy and everybody else. It’s been a challenge but I’m getting through it,” said Easley. “As far as mentally, I’m good to go. I already when through it one time so I feel good to go. I just got to work with the team and do what I can with the team.”

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