Game Balls and Goats: Patriots - Panthers

Each week we hand out our grades for who did well (Game Balls) and who didn’t (Goats). Read ours and share your thoughts on who should have their own GB or Goat.

Game Balls & Goats as we see them from the Patriots victory of the Carolina Panthers


1)  Tom Brady -  It seems as if Brady’s game play earns him a game ball every week.  This time it’s well deserved as the 15th year veteran completed 17 of 21 passes for 201 yards and a pair of TDs.

2)  Chandler Jones
the Patriots DL showed up big with six tackles, a pair of sacks and three TFLs.  Jones’ ability to disrupt the Panthers’ line helped the defense pitch a shutout until the fourth quarter.

3)  Julian Edelman – The Wes Welker clone is again showing why the team had faith in him.  Edelman hauled in all 8 of the passes thrown to him, amassing 99 yards.

Shane Vereen – taking a page out of the Kevin Faulk playbook, Vereen caught a short dump off pass in the flat, then rolled 40 yards for the score, outrunning the linebacker assigned to him in coverage.  A tiptoe stretch-for-the-pylon catch made the highlight reels as Vereen’s second score was an illustration in knowing where the end zone is.

Taylor McCuller -- little-known rookie highlight of the day was his 11-yard TD reception from Jimmy Garoppolo.


1)  OL Jordan Devey Never heard of him?  He’s the one stepping on Brady’s foot causing a near catastrophe in the backfield.  Even after he used Brady’s foot for stability, Devey whiffed on the block as the Panthers collapsed the backfield.  Not a good day overall.

2) Brandon LaFellundeserving of a full goat, LaFell continues to display inconsistency catching the ball. Some plays are amazing receptions, while others are forgettable drops.

3) Injury Bug –
Rob Gronkowski and Jerod Mayo sat this game out.  Donta Hightower as also sidelined.  The team needs these starters ready for the season.


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