Patriots vs. Bengals: Live Blog

Tonight we keep you updated on the Patriots/Bengals game and you get to see our LIVE reaction.

7:44 PM- Welcome to Foxboro for Week Five of the NFL season. Tonight is an experiment seeing that I've never done this before. I'm going to keep it as raw as possible with my reactions in live time so this could be an interesting read not just for fans but sports psychologists alike. Be sure to check back in throughout the game.

7:59 PM- Notable Inactive Players-Patriots

Safety Nate Ebner, G/T Cameron Fleming, G Josh Kline, OLB Dont'a Hightower, RB James White, DE Zach Moore, CB Malcolm Butler, CB Brandon Browner

*WR Aaron Dobson, CB Alfonzo Dennard, and DE Michael Buchanan are active.

8:20 PM- Here we go, almost ready for the National Anthem and kickoff. Patriot fans have to be nervous heading into tonight's game considering how the first month of the regular season has gone. Tonight we will find out if the offense has any chance to get it going and we also may see a more aggressive Patriots defense. One thing is for sure- it is NOT business as usual in Foxboro right now.

8:25 PM- Bengals win the toss and defer. Patriots will get the ball first.

8:37 PM- Well, THAT was a heck of a drive. Great protection, tempo, Brady looks like Brady, and we had a Tim Wright sighting. That first drive could not have gone any better.

8:50 PM- The Patriots defense looks like the defense many expected when Revis was signed. Ticky-tack illegal contact cost Revis and the Patriots a turnover, but Mike Nugent missed a 52 yard field goal attempt. Ball don't lie.

8:58 PM- Tim Wright!! Maybe the Patriots did know what they were doing when they traded for the talented young tight end from Rutgers. Tom Brady, except for one bad throw to Julian Edelman that was almost picked, looks great tonight. Amazing what time in the pocket can do for a pocket passer. 14-0, Patriots.

9:04 PM- Three and out for the Bengals. Dalton missed a wide open Giovani Bernard on a wheel route; blown coverage by Jamie Collins.

9:08 PM- That's the end of the first quarter here in Foxboro. The Patriots completely dominated the first quarter, scoring two touchdowns and holding a 14-0 lead. The run defense was a little suspect in the Bengals first drive, but other than that, everything looks good. Darrelle Revis finally got his wish and is playing man-to-man tonight.

9:23 PM- Another stop for the angry Patriots defense. Revis looks dominant tonight; maybe it is time to let him do his thing and take away the top receiver every week.

9:30 PM- Two stupid penalties by the Patriots just cost them 30 yards and the field position battle. The game is 60 minutes, not 15. The Patriots need to refocus.

9:42 PM- The Bengals pick up a ref-assisted field goal to cut the lead to 14-3. The call on Easley makes no sense; the ref threw the beanbag and signaled for a fumble. Easley saw that and made a block on a defender who was near the ball; keep the flag in your pocket, don't penalize him and the Patriots for a refs mistake.

9:53 PM- Good drive but the Patriots unfortunately had to settle for a Stephen Gostkowski 48-yard field goal. The Patriots up their lead to 17-3. The Patriots are running the ball very well tonight, already piling up over 100 yards in the first half.

9:56 PM- Darrelle Revis continues his excellent night with a forced fumble that was recovered by Jamie Collins. Patriots offense takes over with :49 seconds to go in the half. Collins attempted to lateral the ball to Dennard (it was actually a fumble upon further review) but it was ruled a fumble and a dead ball at the spot it was recovered; that part of the play is under review.

10:05 PM- The turnover helped the Patriots put another three points on the board, but that is not what they were looking for. The play call and design on second and goal made no sense whatsoever; Patriots now need to start cleaning up their red zone issues. That does it for the half with the Patriots leading, 20-3.

10:18 PM- Welcome back as we begin the second half. The Bengals will receive the ball.

10:21 PM- Three and out to open the half for the Bengals. Andy Dalton is missing some easy throws and it is costing the Bengals big tonight.

10:27 PM- Ugly first showing for the offense in the second half with awful punt coverage thrown in to end the "drive." As I was just typing look out, the Bengals score a quick touchdown to make this a game. 20-10, Patriots. We now have a ballgame.

10:40 PM- That drive is what we like to call a clinic. Running, throwing, play action, draws on third and long, all of it worked. Tom Brady' excellent night continues with help from Shane Vereen, Stevan Ridley, Tim Wright, Rob Gronkowski (16 yard touchdown catch) and a suddenly improved offensive line. The Patriots up their lead to 27-10.

10:43 PM- The onslaught continues- Patriots force a fumble on the kickoff and Kyle Arrington takes it in for six; extra point is good. Patriots 34, Bengals 10.

10:54 PM- The Bengals quickly drove down the field to make it 34-17, but the real issue is the health of Darrelle Revis. Revis went down and did walk off on his own power, but he just went to the locker room. It would be a major blow to the Patriots if Revis has a significant injury. Andy Dalton went after Logan Ryan, Revis' replacement, on the first play, which resulted in the touchdown to cut New England' lead in half.

11:06 PM- Another field goal for Stephen Gostkowski and the Patriots now lead 37-17. Once again, the Patriots stalled out within five yards of the end zone. Running the ball more on first and second down will help to ease some of the red zone blues. The line continues to have a great night.

11:14 PM- Darrelle Revis tweaked his hamstring but he did return. The Pats defense stepped up again and got a stop after allowing two first downs. Chris Jones with a strong interior rush and the sack on the Red Rocket.

11:23 PM- Stephen Gostkowski connects on his fourth field goal of the night to make the score 40-17. Brady has made some low throws to Gronkowski tonight that were completions in the past. When they fully regain their chemistry, look out.

11:29 PM- Kyle Arrington with another big play, this time punching the ball out from behind which was recovered by Duron Harmon. THIS is the Patriots team people expected to see in 2014.

11:35 PM- Stephen Gostkowski is earning his paycheck tonight. The former All-Pro kicker connects on his fifth field goal of the night to make the score Patriots 43, Bengals 17. Brady was in shotgun with three minutes to go in a blowout. Welcome back, Bill.

11:38 PM- With the score 43-17 and the two minute warning upon us, I think it is safe to say this game is over. The Patriots will move to 3-2 and remain tied with the Buffalo Bills for the AFC East lead. Tom Brady, Darrelle Revis, Rob Gronkowski, Stevan Ridley and Shane Vereen all stood out for the desperate Patriots, and the offensive line also had an excellent night. I hope everyone enjoyed watching the game with me! Up next- Buffalo. See everyone next week!!

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