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Today we keep you updated on the Patriots/Bills game and you get to see our LIVE reaction.

12:44 P.M.- Welcome to Buffalo as we get prepare for an inter-division battle that will go a long way in deciding who wins the AFC East in 2014. The Patriots got back on track against the Bengals last week, but the Bills also had a big win over the Detroit Lions. Tom Brady has had a lot of success against the Bills and he looks to continue that trend today. Follow us live as we react to the highs and lows of the game.

12:47 P.M.- New England has a few injury issues this week. Let's take a look at the inactives for Week Six.

Inactive- S Nate Ebner, C Bryan Stork, CB Brandon Browner, T Cam Fleming, OLB Dont'a Hightower, DT Dominique Easley, RB James White

1:03 P.M.- The Bills receive the kickoff and Kyle Orton leads the offense onto the field.

1:06 P.M.- Three and out for the Bills. Good run defense, which is crucial. Buffalo hadgood coverage on the punt.

1:10 P.M.- Big third down coming up here. Gronkowski should be the first option.

1:13 P.M.- Foolishly conservative play call by Josh McDaniels. I don't get that. Even if Brady was sacked, the field position would still have been reasonable.

1:20 P.M.- The Bills picked up a couple first downs but the Patriots shut them down at the 50. Sammy Watkins has been held to zero catches over the first two Buffalo drives.

1:32 P.M.-Thanks to the boneheaded maneuver by Jerry Hughes, the Patriots picked up 15 free yards to continue their drive. Unfortunately, the offense stalled out in the red zone- again. This time, Stephen Gostkowski couldn't bail them out because Danny Aiken didn't execute the long snap; field goal attempt goes wide left, score still tied 0-0.

1:38 P.M.- Jamie Collins showing good hands for a linebacker and strong overall coverage by the Patriots defense. Patriots take over at Buffalo' 39.

1:43 P.M.- Julian Edelman' pass interference penalty in the end zone moved the ball to the one and the next play Brady finds Tim Wright on play action. Play action is a good option in the red zone so it's good to see it utilized. Patriots 7, Bills 0

1:50 P.M.- Another strong series for the Patriots defense. Dennard stands out when he is on the field; he's not afraid of anything.

1:57 P.M.- Nate Solder continues to have his brain cramps; he didn't know his assignment and missed Jerry Hughes completely, costing the Patriots a sack and seven yard loss on first down that essentially ended the drive before it could start. Solder has been average at best in 2014.

2:02 P.M.- Jerod Mayo is down and he's getting attention from multiple trainers and doctors. After missing basically all of 2013, it would be unfortunate if he was significantly hurt.

2:04 P.M.- If I had to guess, I would say that looked like an Achilles injury for Mayo. If that is the case and it is worst case scenario, he'll be done for the season.

2:08 P.M.- Robert Woods beats Alfonzo Dennard and catches a touchdown to tie the game. Woods gets heat from the national media at times, but he runs good routes and is getting better weekly. Patriots 7, Bills 7

2:16 P.M.- The Patriots appeared to have the firs tdown after Rob Gronkowski had a catch and fumble recovery, but Buffalo challenged and surprisingly won the review. The Patriots were forced to punt.

2:18 P.M.- Chandler Jones with the strip sack and recovery. Great play to get the ball back for the offense deep in Buffalo' territory.

2:25 P.M.- Brady and the offense appeared to pick up a big first down, but Marcus Cannon cost them with a holding penalty and they had to settle for a 42 yard Stephen Goskowski field goal. Patriots 10, Bills 7

2:37 P.M.- The Patriots defense forces another fumble with :06 seconds on the clock. The offense got the ball at the Buffalo 41, picked up five quick yards to give Stephen Gostkowski a shot at a 53 yard field goal, and he nailed it. Huge momentum builder for the Patriots going into the half. Patriots 13, Bills 7


2:51 P.M.- Welcome to the second half. The Patriots will receive and have an opportunity to go up by two scores.

2:56 P.M.- Tom Brady hits Bryan Tyms for a 43-yard touchdown to make the score Patriots 20, Bills 7. Great throw and catch; Tyms catch shows why Kenbrell Thompkins was expendable.

3:12 P.M.- Fred Jackson got the reward with the touchdown, but that drive would have stalled out and turned into a field goal attempt if Scott Chandler doesn't make the great one-handed grab on third down. The Bills got the response they needed; let's see if the Patriots offense reciprocates. Patriots 20, Bills 14

3:21 P.M.- Rough afternoon on the injury front: Rob Gronkowski, Stevan Ridley both hurt on consecutive plays, not to mention Dan Connelly in the first half. The defense lost Jerod Mayo to what appeared to be a pretty significant injury too. The Patriots depth is going to be tested today and going forward.

3:25 P.M.- Does this sound familiar? The Patriots offense stalls out and Stephen Gostkowski hits the field goal (40 yards) to bail them out. Rob Gronkowski did come back in after the injury, thankfully. Patriots 23, Bills 14

3:35 P.M.- Scott Chandler made another nice play for the Bills and continues to kill New England, but a Robert Woods offensive pass interference cost the Bills ten yards and the defense shut down the Bills to force the punt. Patriots receive the ball at the 20.

3:47 P.M.- First off, let me say this- that Jerry Hughes play (15 yard penalty) was dirty and he should receive a big fine. That drive was beautiful because it was perfectly balanced and featured screens to keep the defense off Brady, running to keep them guessing, and play action worked because the running game is effective. Patriots 30, Bills 14

3:56 P.M.- Pathetic defense by the Patriots, specifically in the secondary. Robert Woods made a huge play on fourth and two, but the defense deployed didn't make a lot of sense. Woods made the play and the drive continued from there, culminating in a Chris "7-11" Hogan touchdown. Woods also caught the two-point conversion to make the score Patriots 30, Bills 22.

4:11 P.M.- Brandon LaFell with a 56-yard touchdown catch to essentially put an end to this game. There is still 2:49 left, so anything can happen, but if New England gets the ball again, they'll most likely score anyways. Tom Brady with a great second half, which coincided with much-improved pass protection. Patriots 37, Bills 22

4:20 P.M.- Incomplete pass by Kyle Orton on fourth down and the Patriots will come out in victory formation as this game comes to a close. This is a huge win for the Patriots because it shows that last week was not a mirage, it was the reality of what this team- a contender.

Final Score: New England Patriots 37, Buffalo Bills 22

Thank you for joining us today and we look forward to next week as the 4-2 Patriots take on the 1-5 Jets in Foxboro.

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