Week 11 Live Blog: Patriots @ Colts

The 7-2 New England Patriots travel to Indianapolis to take on the AFC South-leading Colts in an AFC showdown that has playoff implications. If New England wins, they're in pole position for the top seed in the AFC; same goes for the Colts. Stay with us to see who comes out on top in this huge AFC showdown.

Technical difficulties, sorry for the lack of first half updates. (internet was down)

10:10 P.M.- The internet is back and so am I. The Patriots with a strong drive to open the half, which was crucial after the Tom Brady brain cramp to end the first half. Patriots 21, Colts 10

10:17 P.M.- Adam Vinatieri can still hit 53-yard field goals? I'd like to get a hold of his diet because something is working. Another drive where the Patriots allow teams to drive, but they don't allow more than a field goal. Darrelle Revis made a strong tackle to halt the Colt drive. Patriots 21, Colts 13

10:55 P.M.- At this point, I just have to roll with it. My internet crashed yet again, and who knows when it might reoccur. Good game here, I'd love to provide more insight, but it isn't in the cards I guess. Jonas Gray is a beast tonight. Also, Andrew Luck has shown great toughness and pocket awareness.

10:57 P.M.- Jonas Gray takes it in for the FOURTH time tonight and the Patriots finish off the drive in style. Rob Gronkowski picked up a 15 yard penalty that will be assessed on the kickoff, but it wasn't a stupid penalty, it was blocking gone a little too far. Patriots 35, Colts 20

11:03 P.M.- Just a minute to reflect on what has gone down here; the Patriots, as we discussed in the game preview, have made the commitment to run between the tackles. Jonas Gray is showing the coaching staff that they can trust him and add the element this team needs to go far in the playoffs.

11:06 P.M.- The Patriots force the turnover on downs and will take over at the Indy 32. Considering the amount of time left, it's an odd decision to go for it on fourth down and give the Patriots the short field. New England is already in field goal range.

11:10 P.M.- Rob Gronkowski is an absolute beast. Gronk makes the routine first down catch and takes it 26 impressive yards to give the Patriots a three touchdown lead. The Patriots continue to put up big points week after week, regardless of the bye. Patriots 42, Colts 20

11:19 P.M.- The Patriots continue the trend of forcing turnovers on downs. We saw it two weeks ago against Denver and we are seeing it tonight. It may seem trivial considering it is late in the game, but it sets the tone and let's a team like the Colts know that NOTHING comes easy. Awesome job by the entire team tonight.

11:25 P.M.- The clock strikes :00 and this game is over. Another very impressive win for a Patriot team that looks like they're the real deal. Beating Denver and Indy back-to-back by a combined score of 85-41 is quite a feat and with the Denver loss in St Louis today, the Patriots are in the drivers seat for the AFC' top seed.

*Sorry for the technical issues. Next week will be much smoother.

Final Score: Patriots 42, Colts 20

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