Week 13 Live Blog: Patriots @ Packers

The 9-2 Patriots head to the land of the cheeseheads to take on the 8-3 Green Bay Packers. These are the two hottest teams in football so today is sure to be an explosive matchup. Can the Patriots continue their historically dominant run over division leaders or have they finally met a worthy opponent in Green Bay?

3:55 P.M.-We are 30 minutes from kickoff at Lambeau Field! Finally, after a week of nonstop talk about Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, we get to see the matchup decided on the field. Let's take a look at the Patriots and Packers inactives.

Patriots Inactives: CB Malcolm Butler, RB James White, DE Chandler Jones, G Jordan Devey, LS Danny Aiken, OT Cam Fleming, LB Chris White

Packers Inactives: QB Scott Tolzien, CB Demitri Goodson, LB Carl Bradford, C Garth Gerhart, TE JUstin Perillo, WR Jeff Janis, DT Luther Robinson

4:25 P.M.- Here we go from Lambeau. The Packers won the toss and will have the ball to start. The Patriots like to open on defense so this works out for both teams.

4:32 P.M- The Eddie Lacy Show to open the game, but the Patriots step up and hold the Packers to a field goal. It's obvious right from the start- the Packers wide receivers are facing their toughest test of the season. Aaron Rodgers already had to use a timeout on a coverage he hadn't seen on film. Packers 3, Patriots 0

4:40 P.M.- Not a great start for the Patriots offense; after an initial first down catch by Brandon LaFell and a six yard run by Blount, the Packers defense stiffened up and stopped New England. Green Bay takes over on their own 17.

4:53 P.M.- The Patriots defense steps up again and keeps Rodgers and co. out of the end zone. Rodgers is going to make plays from the 25-25, but when the Packers get into the red zone, their just isn't a lot of openings to throw into. The Patriots run defense appears to have waken up too. Patrick Chung made a couple excellent plays on that drive. The Packers kicked the ball out of bounds on the kickoff- illegal procedure, Patriots take over at their own 40. Packers 6, Patriots 0

5:01 P.M.- Three-and-out for the Patriots offense; overall just an ugly three plays. Incomplete pass to LaFell, five yard catch by Gronkowski, and a pathetic four yard catch by Edelman that SHOULD have been a first down. Break a tackle, Julian!

5:06 P.M.- The Patriots may be in trouble today if they don't start getting rolling on offense. The Packers walked down the field on a tired Patriots defense and scored on a Aaron Rodgers touchdown pass. Rough start for the Pats. Packers 13, Patriots 0.

5:13 P.M.- Excellent answer by the Patriots offense as they charge down the field score on a beautiful six-yard touchdown run by Brandon Bolden. That's right, Brandon Bolden. Never assume when it comes to Patriot running backs, because BB will always keep you guessing. Packers 13, Patriots 7

5:26 P.M.- Aaron Rodgers is going to drive this Packers offense down the field all night, but if the Patriots continue to play this well in the red zone, they'll give the offense a chance to comeback and get a win. The Patriots offense woke up on the last drive; let's see if they can keep it going on this series. Packers 16, Patriots 7

5:45 P.M.- Brandon LaFell with the three-yard touchdown catch to bring the Patriots even closer. Just over a minute to go in the half and Aaron Rodgers will try to lead the Packers down the field for a score. This is a huge series coming up. Packers 16, Patriots 14

5:54 P.M.- Huge touchdown by the Packers before the half. Rodgers threw to Nelson on a slant when the Patriots were in man and Devin McCourty couldn't get the right angle to cutoff Nelson' path to the end zone. Packers 23, Patriots 14


6:13 P.M.- The Patriots offense takes over and looks to keep this game close with a strong drive.

6:17 P.M.- Ugly start to the second half for New England. Holding penalty on first down put them in the hole to start the drive. The only positive play on the drive was a seven yard catch by Edelman that resulted in him limping off the field.

6:25 P.M.- The Patriots defense holds the Packers to another field goal attempt, and this time Mason Crosby misses from 40 yards out. The Patriots take over with 9:34 to go in the third quarter. Packers 23, Patriots 14

6:58 P.M.- Sorry for the technical difficulties. We are up and running again. Green Bay is driving, 10:20 to go in the game. Packers 23, Patriots 21

7:04 P.M.-Davante Adams drops a sure touchdown pass and the Packers have to settle for a 28 yard field goal from Mason Crosby. If Adams makes that catch, this game is most likely over;huge break for the Patriots. Packers 26, Patriots 21

7:16 P.M.- That hurts; Rob Gronkowski had a touchdown that fell out of his hands and when the Patriots call on Gostkowski for a huge field goal attempt, he not only misses, he shanks it right. Packers take over with a five point lead and under three minutes to go. This isn't looking good for New England.

7:21 P.M.- That'll do it from Lambeau. With two minutes to go and no timeouts for New England, Green Bay can simply kneel down and run out the clock. The Patriots offense shot themselves in the foot on multiple occasions today and cost themselves a chance to beat a great team at home. The defense allowed the exact amount of points predicted in the preview, and that should have netted a win. I typically don't make bold predictions, but I will now- we WILL see the rematch in the Super Bowl. The Packers and the Patriots are by far the best two teams in the NFL. Congrats to the Packers, this is a huge win for them.

Final Score: Green Bay Packers 26, New England Patriots 21

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