Week 16 Live Blog: Patriots @ Jets

The 11-3 Patriots renew their rivalry with the 3-11 Jets at Metlife Stadium today. Can the Patriots pull off the road win and keep their hold on the top seed in the AFC? Can Rex and Co. pull off the upset?

12:25 P.M.- We are about a half hour away from kickoff at Metlife Stadium. Let's take a look at the active and inactive Patriots/Jets for todays AFC East battle.

Patriots Inactives- G Dan Connolly, WR Julian Edelman, CB Alfonzo Dennard, RB LeGarrette Blount, CB Kyle Arrington, RB James White, G Jordan Devey

Jets Inactives- DL T.J. Barnes, G Dakota Dozier, DB Jaiquawn Jarrett, OL Wesley Johnson, DB Rontez Miles, WR Walter Powell, QB Matt Simms

1:00 P.M.- As usual, the Patriots win the toss and defer. The Jets will receive. Let's see if Geno Smith can play like a legit NFL quarterback.

1:04 P.M.- Three-and-out for the Jets; the Patriots defensive line looks ready to play as Alan Branch and Vince Wilfork made the first two tackles on the day.

1:07 P.M.- The Jets match the Patriots and get a three-and-out to start the day. Rob Gronkowski made two catches for seven yards, but the Jets had a well designed blitz and Jason Babin came up with the sack.

1:12 P.M.- If Geno Smith had any type of accuracy, this Jets offense wouldn't be so awful. After an initial first down by Chris Ivory, the Patriots stiffen up and force the Jets offense off the field. New England needs to get to Smith a little faster and see if they can force some turnovers.

1:17 P.M.- Awful start for the Patriots offense; I said it in the preview and I'll say it again- the Jets are very difficult to run on. It's time to spread it out and throw on them.

1:20 P.M.- Geno Smith almost picked up a first down with his feet but the speedy Patriots defense closed quick and forced the Jets offense off the field. It looks like we have a battle of the defenses today.

1:28 P.M- New England picks up a couple first downs, but Brady is getting killed because of the play designs. Why run play action when the defense KNOWS you can't run? Spread them out and hit them with quick routes, and for Gods sake, throw in a screen play. The Patriots always seem to play right into Rex' plan.

1:33 P.M.- ANOTHER Jets three-and-out to end the first quarter; Darrelle Revis made a physical tackle and heard the boo-birds, which is not surprising. If the Patriots offense can wake up, they could possibly blow these guys out, but so far there are protection and playcalling issues. Again- spread them out and kill them with quick passes; it WILL work.

1:42 P.M.- Touchdown, Patriots! After a strong punt return by Danny Amendola, the offense spreads them out and hits them with short, quick passes. Hmmm, I could have sworn a certain writer would say that works. Patriots 7, Jets 0

1:57 P.M.- Terrible defense by the Patriots on that drive and the Jets capitalize with an easy touchdown. No excuses, there was just no pass rush and the coverage was awful. It appeared that the Patriots went to a zone on that drive. Nick Mangold was carted off after being rolled up on by Vince Wilfork; that's unfortunate because he's a great player. Patriots 7, Jets 7

2:03 P.M.- The Jets get away with an interference, but it doesn't matter because the Patriots don't deserve a free first down. Once again, a slow developing play-action on first down set the series up to fail. Why not stick with what's working? It's painful to watch when McDaniels is having a day of braincramps. Patriots 7, Jets 7

2:16 P.M.- Geno Smith' excellent second quarter has got the Jets the lead. There has been no pass rush from the Patriots and it's killing the secondary because they have to cover for too long. Jets 10, Patriots 7

2:20 P.M.- Tom Brady gets sacked for the fourth time today and the worst first half in a LONG TIME comes to an end, thankfully. The offense better figure this out because they're on the verge of costing themselves homefield advantage in the playoffs. Enough with the play action, it isn't working. Spread them out and let it fly; the offensive line needs to get it together too. Jets 10, Patriots 7


2:37 P.M.- This is going to be a long day for the Patriots offense. The line can't protect Brady and it's making him shaky in the pocket. Once again, Rex has the Patriots confused. To add insult to injury, Malcolm Butler picks up a 15 yard penalty for trying to tackle Jeremy Kerley on a fair catch. Someone might want to let the Patriots know that the second half started.

2:48 P.M.- The Jets drive down the field again, mainly due to a strong run game. I'm not sure what happened after the first quarter, but the Patriots look awful on both sides of the ball. There is no pass rush whatsoever. Jets 13, Patriots 7

3:00 P.M.- Tom Brady and the offense finally pick up the pace and lead the offense down the field, but they stalled in the red zone and had to settle for a field goal. Jets 13, Patriots 10

3:04 P.M.- Terrible decision by Geno Smith and Jamie Collins comes up with a HUGE interception. New England takes over at the Jets 38.

3:14- Touchdown, Patriots! Tom Brady made some big throws and added a nice run to get the Patriots inside the three, and Jonas Gray took over from there, plunging in for the score. Now it's time for the defense to play like they can. Patriots 17, Jets 13

3:25 P.M.- New England FINALLY steps up and gets a sack that helps stall the Jets drive, although they did pick up a field goal. Lots of breakdowns in coverage, no pass rush- the defense simply isn't that good today. Patriots 17, Jets 16

3:31 P.M.- The Jets come up with a huge interception and the Patriots are in trouble. Tom Brady has made some terrible throws, even when there isn't pressure. With just over six minutes to go, New England might be seeing their dreams of home field going down the drain.

3:35 P.M.- Dont'a Hightower comes up with a huge sack to push the Jets back, and Nick Folk can't connect from 52 yards. The Patriots are lucky to not allow any points after the interception thrown by Brady. Patriots 17, Jets 16

3:56 P.M.- Well, that was UGLY, but the Patriots got the much needed road win. New England clinches a bye in the first round, which is big because players can get rest. Now it's time for Patriots fans to root for the Bengals over the Broncos so homefield can be wrapped up. If that happens, players like Julian Edelman, Dan Connolly, Kyle Arrington and Legarrette Blount will have two more weeks to heal before the divisional round of the playoffs. All I can say is thank God the Jets aren't in the playoffs because they are the Patriots kryptonite.

Final Score: Patriots 17, Jets 16

Patriots (12-3) Jets (3-12)

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