Week 17 Live Blog: Patriots vs. Bills

Stay with us today as we provide live updates from the Patriots/Bills game in Foxboro, Massachusetts. The Patriots are looking to stay healthy and the Bills are trying to finish with a winning record.

Welcome to Foxboro for the Week 17 matchup between the Patriots and Bills. As expected, there are a good amount of Patriots starters getting the week off. Let's take a look at the Patriots and Bills inactives.

Patriots Inactives: TE Rob Gronkowski, WR Julian Edelman, CB Brandon Browner, RT Sebastian Vollmer, RB Jonas Gray, G Dan Connolly, LB Dont'a Hightower

Bills Inactives: CB Stephon Gilmore, DT Marcell Dareus, RB Bryce Brown, LB Randall Johnson, OL Chris Kouandjio, WR Marquise Goodwin, TE Chris Gragg

1:00 P.M.- The Patriots will kick off and the Bills offense will get the ball to open the day. Buffalo hasn't been very consistent on offense this year.

1:06 P.M.- Buffalo streaks down the field and scores a touchdown to open the game. Darrelle Revis got beat by Sammy Watkins for a huge play to setup a Robert Woods touchdown catch. Ugly start for the Patriots defense. Bills 7, Patriots 0

1:11 P.M.- Three-&-out for the Patriots offense; Brandon Bolden had two runs to setup a third and one, but Tom Brady missed Bolden coming out of the backfield on an ugly pass. Let's see if the Patriots defense can wake up on the next series. Bills 7,Patriots 0

1:17 P.M.- New England steps up and forces a punt on the second defensive series of the game. Tavon Wilson had a nicely timed safety blitz that almost resulted in a sack, and there was good pressure the entire series. Hopefully Brady and the offense can come out, get some continuity and then Brady gets pulled. Bills 7, Patriots 0

1:27 P.M.- Brady leads the offense down the field but they had to settle for a Stephen Gostkowski 24-yard field goal. Brian Tyms made a couple catches on the drive; Brandon Bolden and LeGarrette Blount look like they'll get plenty of work today as the Patriots are clearly trying to establish balance on offense. Bills 7, Patriots 3

1:36 P.M.- End of the first quarter here in Foxboro; the Bills are moving the ball but it looks like the Patriots defense has settled in after their awful first drive. Now it's time to watch for backups, specifically at corner (Revis), safety (McCourty) and quarterback (Brady).

1:43 P.M.- Touchdown, Bills. Buffalo is walking down the field on the Patriots which is not a good sign, regardless of who's playing. If the starters are going to play half speed, maybe it's time to pull all of them and just go with the backups. Players look like they're trying to avoid injury; get them off the field. Bills 14, Patriots 3

1:50 P.M.- Buffalo' pass defense is as-advertised. Another three-and-out for the Patriots offense. They seem to be getting away from the run; sound familiar? Bills 14, Patriots 3

1:54 P.M.- The Pats defense FINALLY looks active and Jamie Collins comes up with the strip-sack and recovery. Collins has been excellent this year and that is just another example of the type of game-changer he can be. New England takes over at the Buffalo 44. Brady remains in the game.

2:01 P.M.- After picking up a first down on 4th & one, the Patriots give up a sack and are forced to attempt another field goal, which Gostkowski hit from 44 yards out. It's time to get Brady out of the game; he's not working with his true offense and it's showing. Bills 14, Patriots 6

2:10 P.M.- Kyle Orton thought he had Revis beat on third down and tried to hit Watkins for the long touchdown, but Revis has better make-up speed than people realize and he knocks it away. Dan Carpenter kicks a 48-yard field goal to extend the Buffalo lead. Bills 17, Patriots 6

2:19 P.M.- That is the end of the first half here from Foxboro. Not a pretty half on either side of the ball for New England, but that is no surprise with six starters inactive. Tom Brady played the entire first half and couldn't really get anything going. As crazy as it sounds, the only defense New England will see in the playoffs that's as good as Buffalo is Seattle, so everyone needs to relax. It's tough to make plays when two of your top three wideouts are Brian Tyms and Danny Amendola. Hopefully Belichick comes to his senses and uses Garoppolo in the second half. Bills 17, Patriots 6


2:31 P.M.- The Patriots will receive to start the second half. It appears that Jimmy Garoppolo will take over at quarterback.

2:35 P.M.- Garoppolo completed his first pass, but he was sacked on second down and missed an open Tim Wright on third down, which was a difficult throw as he escaped pressure and rolled right. Buffalo' defense is VERY good, which is not a surprise when you look at their yearly statistics. Bills 17, Patriots 6

2:40 P.M.- Akeem Ayers with another sack and that will force the Buffalo offense off the field. Ayers has been excellent since joining the Patriots. Let's see if Jimmy G. can get the offense going.

2:50 P.M.- Well, running the read option worked once with Garoppolo but it wasn't going to work twice as the Patriots are stuffed on fourth down. It doesn't make sense to go for it in that situation considering a field goal gets you within eight points. I understand getting the kid some experience, but isn't winning the goal no matter what? Foolish move by Belichick and the Patriots; a strong drive for LeGarrette Blount is wasted. Bills 17, Patriots 6

2:55 P.M.- Good job recognizing the formation and stuffing the Bills offense. The offensive line needs to step up and give Garoppolo some time to find open targets because they've been manhandled all day.

<3:01 P.M.- This time the Patriots don't waste the scoring opportunity and Stephen Gostkowski connects from 35 yards out. I hate to beat a dead horse, but if they had done that on the last drive they would be down by less than a touchdown. Their game management needs to be better; Bills 17, Patriots 9

3:13 P.M.- Buffalo appeared to be on their way to a scoring drive, but Alan Branch steps up and stuffs the Bills on a third and one run. New England will take over at the Buffalo 17 yard line.

3:26 P.M.- Once again, Garoppolo makes some great plays, but awful blocking and untimely penalties kill the Patriots drive. Barring a miracle, the Bills are winning this game. New England can't get past the Buffalo 15. Bills 17, Patriots 9

3:39 P.M.- It appeared that a bogus roughing call on Jonathan Casillas was going to cost the Patriots offense one more shot at scoring, but the defense stepped up and forced a three and out. New England will have the ball with about 1:45 to drive.

3:43 P.M.- Roby was ALL OVER Danny Amendola but the officials want to go home so they let it go. The Bills will win the game and have their first winning season since 2004. Congrats to the Bills on the win.

Final Score- Bills 17, Patriots 9

Patriots (12-4) Bills (9-7)

Thanks for being with us for todays game and we'll see you all in two weeks for the Divisional Playoffs. Go Pats!

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