Brady Restructures Contract

The Patriots have important players they need to re-sign in 2015- Darrelle Revis and Devin McCourty. Tom Brady helped the Patriots make that process a little easier today.

It seems that every time the Patriots seem to be facing a cap crunch, Tom Brady steps up and bails them out.

According the Adam Schefter of ESPN, Brady changed the language in his current contract that will free up $24 million in cash for 2015. Instead of earning $24 million in skill guarantee, he'll now only receive the guaranteed money for an injury. In other words, if Brady gets hurt, he gets his money anyways.

The change in the contract also allows the Patriots to release the future Hall-of-Famer without being on the hook for future years, making him an unrestricted free agent. Although they have this ability now, don't expect to see Brady wearing another uniform anytime soon. Brady agreed to the change so the Patriots could sign their own and possibly add more weapons on offense.

Darrelle Revis is currently on the books for $25 million guaranteed in '15, and the Patriots are trying to negotiate a longterm deal with him to drive that number down. Regardless, Revis is going to want to be paid as a top three cornerback and the Patriots seem to be facing that reality. Devin McCourty is also a free agent and the Patriots want to keep him in the fold. Although some are mentioning Nate Solder and Shane Vereen as possible players New England wants to bring back, they are replaceable in the draft. The real issue is keeping Revis and McCourty on the roster. Tom Brady' unselfishness may have just been a major assist in keeping the two All-Pros.

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