Brady Camp Prepared for Federal Court

The NFLPA and the defense team for Tom Brady made it clear today that if Brady's suspension isn't completely dismissed, they will be taking the league to federal court, a move that would cost the league even more money in a situation that never had to come to this.

It was not hard to figure out that the Tom Brady appeal wouldn't be decided quickly, but it is also fair to think that three weeks is plenty of time for Roger Goodell and his team of bad decision makers to finally decide on the Brady appeal. Goodell was asked the question on Sunday and his answer, "we're still collecting information" is complete garbage. This case has been decided for weeks and the NFL is sitting on it until training camp begins, a ploy to keep the NFL in the news for 12 months a year. Well, apparently the NFLPA and the defense team for Tom Brady has waited long enough, and they made it clear today that they plan to take this case to federal court if the four-game suspension isn't completely wiped out.

Brady and his team of lawyers have a strong case against the NFL, although some legal experts think that the agreed-upon CBA may pose a problem for Brady and his case. During the lockout, the NFLPA relented and gave Roger Goodell too much power, and now they have realized the error they made and are trying to find a way to fix the mistake. If this case started in a court of law, it would have been thrown out due to a lack of evidence, but the court of Goodell is a completely different entity, an entity that has gained an inordinate amount of power. The longer Goodell and the NFL take to announce their findings on the appeal, the higher the chance we see this issue leak into 2016. For something that should have been a 50k fine, this has sure turned into a drama-fest and a distraction from the true NFL criminals, which is exactly what PR czar Roger Goodell wanted all along.

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