Brady Appeal Files Unsealed

Judge Berman refuses to seal the documents in the June 23rd appeal of Tom Brady. Today we have the entire document.

Tom Brady had his case heard by Roger Goodell and couldn't convince him that he was innocent, and now the entire world will get the opportunity to read what went down in the basement of the NFL office building on June 23, 2015. Judge Berman refused to have the documents sealed, allowing the general public to judge for themselves based on the facts from the appeal files.

Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk was able to secure a copy of the transcript:

Brady Appeal Document

The document is 457 pages long, so if you do plan on reading it, prepare as if you're reading a book. It is a very interesting read though (I'm working my way through it) with the testimony from Brady being the highlight right off the bat. Commissioner Goodell makes it clear from the beginning that although he isn't an attorney, he plans on asking Brady plenty of questions throughout the appeal, many of those questions pertaining to how they prepare the balls throughout the week. Brady also stated that Ted Wells told him that he wouldn't be punished for not providing the texts, and that if he was would have "gone above my lawyer and turned it in."

Another area that is discussed is the 2006 rule change that allowed quarterbacks to break in their own balls throughout the week. It is a much more interesting read than the Wells Report and if you want to know the real truth about how the appeal went down, I recommend making the link a favorite and going back to read it over the next few days.

Great work once again by Mike Florio and Profootballtalk releasing the document, one of the few sites that has actually seen that not only are there two sides to this story, but there also seems to be some very unprofessional behavior from the NFL side.

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