Live Blog: Patriots vs. Packers

The Patriots return to the field for the first time since claiming their 4th Super Bowl title in February. Stay with us for live updates as we kickoff the "Drive For Five".

7:20: Almost game time in Foxboro. Tom Brady is expected to start but he won't play more than a few series. Expect to hear the crowd explode when he steps on the field. Garoppolo is expected to get most of the reps at quarterback.

7:37: The Packers will receive to open the game. Patriots fans get a look at their revamped secondary.

7:39: Chandler Jones got the defense rolling by sacking Aaron Rodgers, and New England had a stop on 3rd and three, but Ninkovich was drawn offsides, and the drive continued after Rodgers completed a pass to Jordy Nelson. After a strong Eddie Lacy run, Rodgers started picking apart the New England defense, sprinkling in a strong Eddie Lacy run every few plays. The starting corners were Malcolm Butler and Darryl Roberts; Roberts is a surprise but he's played well in training camp. Robert McClain looks good and appears to be a willing tackler. The Packers went for the touchdown on fourth and goal from the two, but another strong Chandler Jones pass rush forced Rodgers out of the pocket and strong coverage forced him into basically throwing it away. The Patriots bent, but didn't break.

7:48: Tom Brady gets the start behind an offensive line that has many backups, as does the skilled positions. Three-&-out from the two yard line; Josh Boyce, a receiver clearly on the bubble, dropped a wide open pass that would have been a first down. If you can't make the plays in preseason, how can you expect the coaches to trust you in the regular season? Boyce will be gone when the rest of the receiving core mends.

7:56: One thing that has stood out for the Patriots defense is the pass rush; getting a rush is great, but to get one on Rodgers is hard to do , which makes it even more impressive. The Packers went for it again on fourth and short and the Patriots stonewalled them to pick up a second turnover on drives; very impressive intensity for a first preseason game.

8:00: Tom Brady comes out for a second series and begins it with a slant completed to Brandon Gibson for a first down; Gibson has looked good in camp and has a good chance to make the roster. Jonas Gray is going to get a good amount of reps, which is what helped him earn a roster spot last year. On third and four, the Patriots couldn't convert and the Packers offense will return to the field.

8:02: Aaron Rodgers returns for his third series of the night, which could be his last appearance on the field tonight. Green Bay isn't looking to have their franchise player get hurt in a preseason game. Jabaal Sheard has looked good tonight, regardless of his hands-to-the-face penalty. James Starks was featured on the drive, picking up chunk plays off of screen passes and checkdowns; he also looks good running the ball. Rookie Trey Flowers made an impressive rip move on David Bakhtiari and picked up a sack; the edge rushers have played well. The Packers went for another fourth down, but this time they converted with a 15 yard completion. On third and six, the Packers picked up another first down on a pretty slant to Randall Cobb; Rodgers is just so damn good. Logan Ryan made a nice breakup on third-and-goal, and this time the Packers decided to send in Mason Crosby to kick a field goal. Packers 3, Patriots 0.

8:18: Jimmy Garoppolo enters the game and Jordan Devey jumped offsides on the first play; Devey is another bubble-player. That is the end of the first quarter with the Packers leading 3-0.

8:22: Start of the second quarter and the Patriots offense needs to find a groove and put some points on the board. Garoppolo faced a third-and-seven and completed a beautiful pass to Josh Boyce. On the next play, Jonas Gray took it off right tackle, hit to outside and bolted for a 55-yard touchdown. With Tyler Gaffney placed on IR, Gray has a real chance to make the roster again. If he keeps running like he is tonight, he might just steal a starting job. The Patriots went for two and converted on a toss-left to Gray. Patriots 8, Packers 3

8:27: Scott Tolzien takes over for Aaron Rodgers and converts an eight yard pass on his first play. Tolzien does a decent job finding the check-down and he appears to be a decent backup. One thing that stands out is the depth of the Patriots defense; they just roll guys through at every position and there doesn't seem to be a lot of drop off. The pass rush is an all-out jail break right now. Green Bay picked up one first down but the Pats defense stepped up and got the stop on third-and-long.

8:31: The Patriots offense returns to the field and pick up where they left off. James White showed his ability in the passing game, catching a screen pass and using his blockers to pick up 15 yards after the catch. That was the only highlight of the drive as the Patriots offense fizzled out. James White was open in the flat and Garoppolo missed him; that needs to change if he wants to be a good NFL quarterback.

8:40: The Packers offense is keeping the Patriots defense on their heels this series and are starting to get a rhythm under backup quarterback Scott Tolzien. On fourth-and-one, the Packers went for it again, this time connecting on a fade route for a touchdown. Logan Ryan got scorched on that play. Green Bay went for two but didn't convert. Packers 9, Patriots 8

8:49: Another ugly series but the Patriots got bailed out by an illegal contact; Josh Boyce had a perfect deep ball thrown to him but he took the wrong angle and didn't make the play. James White made a nice catch in the flat and took it for 15 yards, picking up another first down for New England. White can create some separation between himself and Travaris Cadet tonight; one thing he must improve on is breaking first contact because he goes down way to easy. Josh Boyce had a chance to extend the drive, but once again he couldn't make the play and the drive ended on an awful throw by Jimmy Garoppolo. Packers 9, Patriots 8

8:56: The Packers take over with just over two minutes to go in the half. Let's see if they try to drive down the field or play it conservative before they head to the locker room.

8:59: Two minute warning...

9:01: The Packers wee moving the ball and threatening to score again before the half, taking advantage of Logan Ryan's mistakes and the weakness that appears to be the middle of the field. The Pack decided to go for it on fourth down again, and the defense stepped up and made the stop.

9:06- The Patriots got the ball at the 50 and started making plays immediately; nine yards to Krause, incompletion to White, six yard catch for Krause to pick up the first down, and then a defensive offsides. Garoppolo did a poor job managing the clock at the end of the series, but he was able to stop the clock and allow Gostkowski to attempt a 56-yard field goal. Gostkowski drilled it, showing the coaching staff and fans why he's the highest paid kicker in football. That does it for the first half; Patriots 11, Packers 9


9:24- Jimmy G. goes to work to open the second half; Brandon Gibson picked up a first down, but on the very next pass, Garoppolo forced a pass into Boyce that was too far inside and got picked off. Garoppolo has made a couple plays tonight, but overall he's struggled.

9:27- Awful run defense by the Pats as the Packers convert the interception for a touchdown. Green Bay went for two again but didn't convert. Packers 15, Patriots 11

9:30- Chris Harper with a foolish decision to take it out of the end zone and he puts the Patriots offense at the 11 to open the drive. Jimmy Garoppolo appears to have woken up and is starting to make some better throws, and he also made a nice run to pick up a first down. Garoppolo looks good throwing the slant and he is fearless in the pocket, but sometimes he looks downfield too long and forgets that he has check downs to throw to. The Patriots went for it on fourth-and-three, but they got stuffed by the Packers pass rush. Watching Garoppolo reminds me of how great Tom Brady is.

9:40- Former UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley enters the game and is met with a sack by Rufus Johnson. On third-and-long the Patriots made the stop and the Packers finally punted.

9:45- Garoppolo needs to put together a drive here to not only help the team but help his confidence. He hasn't played well tonight and a drive here would help.

9:47- James White with a nice catch-and-run and picks up a first down. White has looked good catching the ball and Jimmy is heating up, hitting 10 passes in a row.

9:49- Garoppolo is struggling on third down, this time getting sacked to end the drive. Granted, their was holding, but their were open receivers and enough time to get it to them. One positive- Ryan Allen with a great punt and excellent coverage by Duron Harmon, another player battling for a roster spot.

9:52- Hundley showing his excellent feet, escaping a sack and throwing a dart for a first down.

9:53- That's the end of three; Packers 15, Patriots 11.

9:56- Great grab by Ty Montgomery, but he couldn't stay inbounds and the Patriots force the Packers to punt. Neither offense has been able to get into any type of groove in the second half.

10:00- Garoppolo opens up the drive the right way, hitting Jonathan Krause for 15 yards.

10:02- New England loves using play-action rollouts with Garoppolo, which gets him away from pressure and allows him to throw going to his strong side, something he is good at. James White once again missing out on yardage because he can't break the first tackle, but he got bailed out by Jimmy G. and his feet. The play is being challenged by Mike McCarthy.

10:08- McCarthy wins the challenge and the Packers take over on offense.

10:12- A foolish roughing-the-passer penalty takes the ball halfway to the goal line as the Packers try to put this game away.

10:15- Geneo Grissom got scorched in the flat and Crockett takes it in for the touchdown. Packers 22, Patriots 11; 7:42 to go.

10:20- Chris Harper with a better return, but he still only got to the 23. Time for the offense to make some plays if they want any shot at winning this game.

10:23- Awful pass blocking by New England; Garoppolo just got sacked for the seventh time tonight, which is just unacceptable.

10:25- The Patriots defense appeared to make a stop on third down by picking up a sack, but rookie Jimmy Jean got called for grabbing the facemask and the Packers drive continues.

10:28- We have reached the two-minute warning; the Packers have this game in hand and will most likely run out the clock. There were more negatives than positives for the Patriots tonight, but they also came in with a rash of injuries , so they played with a lot of backups, specifically on offense.

10:30- That'll do it here from Foxboro as the Packers beat the Patriots, 22-11. New England heads to New Orleans next Saturday to face the Saints. Please join us again!

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