Live Blog: Patriots vs. Saints

After practicing with the Saints this week, the Patriots take the field tonight to play the Saints in exhibition game number two. It appears that Tom Brady will start again for New England.

7:16 PM- Getting close to kickoff here as the Patriots look to have a better outing than they did in Week One of preseason. Tom Brady looks like a go and Rob Gronkowski is most likely going to sit tonight.

7:35 PM- The Patriots offense comes onto the field and will have the first chance to put up points.

7:40 PM- Three-and-out for the Patriots as Michael Hoomanawanui drops a third down pass that would have been a first down and then some. Time to see what the defense can do.

7:45 PM- The Saints had a strong drive, making plays in the passing game that quickly got them down the field. New England's secondary stepped up in the red zone and made plays. Drew Brees looked good on the first drive.

7:52 PM- Another three-and-out for the Patriots and the punt team heads onto the field. Tom Brady hasn't had much success so far this preseason.

8:00 PM- The Saints offense is making it look easy out there as they march right down the field and score on a Ben Watson touchdown catch. New Orleans went for two but did not convert. Saints 9, Patriots 0

8:06 PM- Kyle Wilson gets away with pass interference and the Patriots continue their three-and-out trend on the night. Brady must be angry; he'll be back out for at least one more series.

8:10 PM- Pathetic defense all around for New England; they can't stop the run or the pass, and now they are getting beat for 50 yard bombs. Devin McCourty is NOT a cornerback, that has been established. Drew Brees is tearing apart the New England secondary. Saints went for two and failed again. Saints 15, Patriots 0

8:13 PM- Jimmy Garoppolo comes in to lead the offense and try to get at least a first down. This has been an ugly start on both sides of the ball so they need a spark.

8:17 PM- The Patriots finally pick up a couple first downs (one by penalty) and they are finally starting to show signs of life. That's the end of the first quarter with the score, New Orleans 15, New England 0

8:24 PM- What appeared to be a promising drive stalled at the Saints 40, and to add insult to injury, Stephen Gostkowski hooked the field goal attempt left. Rough night so far for the Pats. Saints 15, Patriots 0

8:28 PM- The Patriots finally get a stop and the offense comes back out to try and get some points.

8:35 PM- Another penalty led to a first down, and that was it as the Patriots offensive line continues to get dominated. There is nothing positive I can say about the Patriots so far tonight.

8:39 PM- The defense is settling in and shutting down the Saints number two offense. New England has good field position and a touchdown would bring them to within a score, which is amazing considering how bad they've been dominated.

8:50 PM- The Patriots make some plays and started to drive, but they stalled out at the 20 on a fourth and three. This is not a pretty game.

8:54 PM- Once again the Saints walk right down the field and score; the secondary is just awful tonight. The Saints went for two again and failed. Saints 21, Patriots 0

9:07 PM- Jimmy Garoppolo with his best showing so far in a Patriots uniform on that two-minute drill. Jimmy G led the offense down the field in just over a minute and hit Chris Harper for a touchdown. Garoppolo escaped pressure on the touchdown pass, showing great footwork and the ability to keep his eyes downfield while under pressure.


9:25 PM- The Saints open the second half with the ball and will look to continue their strong night.

9:29 PM- New Orleans moved the ball, but the defense stepped up and stopped them at the 35, and the Saints missed the ensuing field goal. Jabaal Sheard had the defensive play of the night on third down when he pressured and hammered third string quarterback Ryan Griffin of Tulane. The Patriots will take over at the 45.

9:40 PM- Great drive by Jimmy Garoppolo and the Patriots take advantage of good field position to pick up the touchdown. Dion Lewis continues to impress tonight and is doing everything he possibly can to show the coaching staff that he should be on the roster.

9:52 PM- Turnover time1 The Patriots defense gives up a big play, but they recover and force the fumble that was recovered by rookie Jordan Richards.

9:59 PM- That's the end of the third quarter and the Patriots are driving. The third quarter was all New England and they now only trail by one touchdown. This should be an interesting fourth quarter.

10:03PM- Touchdown, Patriots!! New England used their backs in the passing game to work their way down the field and James White capped it off with a touchdown run. Instead of going for the tie, New England went for two and failed. New Orleans 21, New England 20. Lots of time left.

10:13 PM- The defense steps up and forces the Saints off the field. The Patriots offense will take over at their own 11.

10:16 PM- Foolish throw by Garoppolo; that is a ball you just can't throw. New Orleans with the interception returned into the red zone.

10:19 PM- Bradley Fletcher with a nice play on fourth and goal forces the Saints to settle for a field goal. Saints 24, Patriots 20

10:30 PM- Garoppolo leads the offense down the field, but they can only pick up three, not the seven they needed to take the lead. With four minutes to go, the Patriots are down one with three timeouts left. Saints 24, Patriots 23

10:34 PM- The defense steps up again, specifically the secondary, and the offense will be back on the field to try and take the lead for the first time tonight.

10:41 PM- Jimmy Garoppolo made a big throw to get the Patriots in position to score. With 19 seconds to go, Stephen Gostkowski nailed a 35 yard field goal to give the Patriots their first lead of the night. Patriots 26, Saints 24

10:45 PM- That'll do it from New Orleans as the Patriots come back and win, 26-24. The first half was ugly, but a late drive led by Jimmy Garoppolo ignited the offense and the team as a whole and they used that momentum in the second half. Join us next week as the Patriots head to Carolina to face the Panthers on Friday night. Thanks again for joining us and we'll see you all again next week!

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