Live Blog: Patriots vs. Giants

The Patriots welcome the New York Giants to Foxboro tonight for the Annual Backup Bowl, also known as NFL Preseason Week Four. Join us as we give you our reactions in real-time.

7:30- Welcome to a festive Foxboro as Patriot fans, who found out Tom Brady' suspension has been vacated, get ready to watch the Patriots and Giants backups battle for a roster spot. The Patriots will have the ball to start the night.

7:39- The Patriots aren't about to let Brady or Garoppolo get hurt tonight so Ryan Lindley will be under center. Not a great start for, well, not a very good player.

7:45- The Patriots defense, which is featuring a few veterans that are possibly on the bubble, gets a stop after picking up one first down. Malcom Brown is getting needed reps, but he shouldn't play more than a half. Alan Branch and Robert McClain both started, which typically means they are both in jeopardy of being cut.

7:49- Landon Collins made a great breakup on a pass intended for Reggie Wayne on third down and forced the Patriots to punt. Lindley looked a little better, and although Wayne is a veteran playing on a night typically reserved for guys that are getting cut, the main reason he is out there is for reps; he needs to learn the system if he is going to contribute to this offense.

7:51- Bill Belichick challenged the last play; the ball appeared to deflect off a Giant player, but the refs said it hit Logan Ryan. It clearly went off the Giant player, but the challenge was denied. Bad call, hard to miss that, especially in slow motion.

8:01- The Giants had a ref-assisted drive but all they could muster was a field goal. The Patriots backups are playing hard and tackling well tonight. Giants 3, Patriots 0

8:13- Not all bad on that drive, especially the nice over the shoulder sideline catch by Reggie Wayne on third down, but once again they stalled because Ryan Lindley isn't accurate. Giants 3, Patriots 0

8:23- Got a little behind in the series; sorry, it's Preseason Week Four, the focus is waning. The offense hasn't been able to get anything going tonight, not a surprise with all the backups on the field. Aaron Dobson is getting a lot of looks tonight and he is still clearly raw; he needs to tighten up his running-after-the-catch techniques and improve his consistency.

8:28- I like Robert McClain as a player, but that penalty was just dumb. He's battling for a job and he does that; why?

8:31- The Giants drive down the field but they couldn't punch it into the end zone. They settle for three, but they should have had six (ball was dropped). Giants 6, Patriots 0

8:44- New England finally mounts a decent drive, which was aided by a holding penalty on third down and five from the 35 (veteran move by Wayne drew the flag). After driving down to the 24, the Patriots were stopped and had to settle for three. Giants 6, Patriots 3

8:52- The defense gets a stop and Ryan Lindley will get a chance to run the two-minute drill.

8:58- Lindley does a good job driving the offense down the field and the Patriots pick up another field goal before the half. With :02 seconds left in the first half, we are all tied up. Patriots 6, Giants 6


9:20- New England' defense stops the Giants on their first drive of the half and the offense will try to keep the momentum they were building at the end of the first half.

9:25- So much for momentum; that was an ugly three-and-out for the Patriots offense. The second half of the final preseason game- this is some bad football. I feel like someone who bought bad food but force themselves to eat all of it. Patriots 6, Giants 6

9:32- The Patriots defense makes another stop and gets the ball back to the offense. Hopefully they look better than the last drive.

9:36- Three-and-out is the theme of the night for the Patriots offense.

9:49- That is the end of the third quarter and the Giants lead the Patriots, 9-6.

9:53- The offense mounts a decent drive, but once again are forced to settle for a field goal in what's turning out to be a field goal contest. Patriots 9, Giants 9

10:06- The Giants with a strong drive that leads to what else- another field goal. Trey Flowers has flashed tonight and he should be in the rotation up front defensively for New England. Giants 12, Patriots 9

10:14- The Patriots were driving, but a tipped pass turned into a Giants interception. With just over three minutes to go, that could be the deciding play. Giants 12, Patriots 9

10:19- The defense gets the three-and-out they needed and now have good field position. Let's see if Lindley can lead them to a win.

10:26- Lindley leads the offense down the field, and of course he gets strip-sacked and loses the fumble to the Giants. That'll do it here from Foxboro as the Giants take a knee.

FINAL SCORE: Giants 12, Patriots 9

We'll see everyone next Thursday as the Patriots raise the banner. Thanks for joining us tonight!

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