Week Two Live Blog: Patriots at Bills

The Rex Ryan-led Bills are looking for their second big win in a row over the AFC Title Game participants, but they'll have a tougher test than they did last week against the Charmin-soft Colts.

12:35- 25 minutes to game time. Let's take a look at the Patriots and Bills inactives for Week Two.

Patriots Inactives- RB James White, OL Ryan Wendell, WR Keshawn Martin, CB Justin Coleman, DL Trey Flowers, DL Dominique Easley, S Nate Ebner

Bills Inactives- QB E.J. Manuel, LB Tony Steward, C Gabe Ikard, WR Marquise Goodwin, TE Chris Gragg, DT Andre Fluellen, DT Stefan Charles

1:10- As we talked about in this weeks preview, the Bills are going to have their way on the ground and the Patriots had better figure something out soon or it could be a long day. LeSean McCoy looked like 2013-McCoy on that first drive. Bills 7, Patriots 0

1:18- Rough start for the Patriots offense in a wild atmosphere in Buffalo. The Patriots should have expected this so there are no surprises here, they just need to relax and play football. Bills 7, Patriots 0

1:24- The Patriots defense did their jobs and forced the much needed three-and-out. There is no better way to quiet a crowd than shutting down their offense; now put together a scoring drive and that place will be extremely quiet.

1:32- Touchdown, Patriots! Like I just said, the crowd has quieted significantly. Rob Gronkowski, who kills his hometown Bills, made the play of the drive with a 36 yard catch that put them at the ten. Julian Edelman finished it off with the touchdown catch. Patriots 7, Bills 7

1:38- Another strong series for the Patriots defense that was capped off by a Jamie Collins sack that was very close to being a safety. Danny Amendola with a strong return with a 15 yard penalty tacked on sets the Patriots up at the Bills 13 yard line.

1:42- Touchdown, Patriots! Dion Lewis scores from seven yards out and the Patriots have taken all the momentum in this game. The Bills better look out because many times when teams come out over-hyped up they tend to burn out early and get smoked. Patriots 14, Bills 7.

1:49- A terrible throw by Tyrod Taylor leads to a Malcolm Butler interception. Once again the offense gets great field position, starting this drive at the 30.

1:52- Touchdown, Patriots! Rob Gronkowski with the two-yard touchdown catch on a nice delayed in-route in the back of the end zone. This game started off all Buffalo, but the tides have quickly changed. Patriots 21, Bills 7

1:59- Yet another three-and-out for the Patriots defense, this time capped off by a Chandler Jones sack on 3rd-and-two. If the Patriots put together another touchdown drive, this could get very ugly. Patriots 21, Bills 7

2:06- That may be the end of Dion Lewis' day as he fumbles for the second time in two games, this time costing the Patriots what looked to be another strong drive. Buffalo takes over at the Patriots 49.

2:08- Well that was quick; three-and-out is the theme of the day for the Bills, this one coming when they had a great chance to make this a game again. The Patriots take over at their own ten, and expect to see Travaris Cadet as the running back.

2:15- What an awful play call and decision on fourth down. Your defense is playing great, you're on the road up 14, and your facing a team that depends on the run to move the ball. Why the heck would you give them great field position? Punt the ball!! Patriots 21, Bills 7

2:20- That touchdown may have been allowed by the defense, but ultimately that is on the coaching staff for the boneheaded decision of going for it on fourth down in their own territory. I'm sorry, that was just really dumb. Patriots 21, Bills 13 (missed the extra point)

2:30- The Patriots pick up a much needed score, this time a 46 yard field goal by Stephen Gostkowski. The Bills got away with a clear targeting the head penalty on the down before the field goal; just because Gronk is big doesn't mean guys should be allowed to go for his head. Patriots 24, Bills 13

2:40- Duron Harmon with the interception that will put an end to the first half. Good overall half for the Patriots, with the first Buffalo drive and the foolish fourth-and-one decision being the only mistakes of the half. Patriots 24, Bills 13


3:06- Scott Chandler with a huge drop in the end zone and the Patriots have to settle for three, which puts them ahead by two touchdowns. Good drive, but a touchdown would have been nice. Patriots 27, Bills 13

3:18- The Patriots defense gets a much needed stop and the offense will now try to put together a nail-in-the-coffin type drive.

3:26- Touchdown, Patriots! This time Julian Edelman takes it in from 22 yards out. Tom Brady is 27-42 for 340 yards and three touchdowns; not bad against one of the best defenses in football. Patriots 34, Bills 13

3:45- What appeared to be a game killing drive fizzled out, but Stephen Gostkowski nailed a 50 yard field goal to put the Patriots ahead by four scores, or three touchdowns with two point conversions. Patriots 37, Bills 13.

3:57- The Bills needed a quick touchdown and they pulled it off, this time with Tyrod Taylor hitting Robert Woods from 32 yards out. Buffalo didn't convert the two-point conversion, which keeps it a three score game. Patriots 37, Bills 19

4:08- Tom Brady had a wide open Julian Edelman on fourth-and-one, but Brady overthrew him and the Patriots turn it over on downs. Buffalo takes over at their own 40.

4:15- Touchdown, Bills. Tyrod Taylor with the quarterback draw, but the non-converted two point attempt is huge because the Bills are still down two touchdowns. Buffalo will be forced to onside kick right away, and if New England recovers, the Bills will have to use their timeouts now to preserve as much time as possible. Patriots 38, Bills 26

4:22- I just don't understand the Patriots sometimes. Why are they in shotgun with a 12 point lead and 4:30 to go? Pathetic clock management and game management overall from the Patriots. They have been awful with their choices today and if they lose, it's on them, not the players. Patriots 37, Bills 32.

4:36- Clutch drive that leads to a field goal to give the Patriots an eight point lead with just over a minute to go. The Bills need a touchdown drive and a two point conversion, but crazier things have happened. Patriots 40, Bills 32

4:38- Interception, Patriots! That'll do it as the Patriots setup in victory formation and move to 2-0 on the season. Great comeback by Buffalo, but not enough against a great team like New England.


Thanks for joining us today for this roller coaster of an AFC East battle. Be sure to join us again next week when the Patriots host the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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